a ghost story

as every1 hu read my blog(de 4r very few in no,2 i dare say excluding myself) mite no dat i have a certain expetise in mystries n i have taken it upon myself 2 revive d lost era of mystry stories(how m gonna do dat is a mystry).
neways,2day i wish 2 share wid u a mysterious n equally horrific story:)
dis s a true account n has happend wid myself.
it was d month of june in d year 1999.it was summer vacation 4 me n i had gone on a small trip wid my relatives 2 a tea estate owned by our family at dat time.it was my 1st visit 2 dat garden.i had heard tales of ghosts roam,ing bout in d directors bunglow of dat garden,n also heard rumours of 1 uncle comiting suicide in dat house.
i must admit here dat i am very coward n any probability of me coming face 2 ace wid a ghost wud b greeted by a scream 4m me:)
well wen v reached d garden it was late afternoon
we strolled around d tea bushes,chating,singing n laughing
as it grew dark we returned 2 d bunglow.it was coudy dat day
our entry in2 d house heralded d start of downpour.by d time it was 8,it was lready dark like midnite.i was very afraid.but 1 o my cousins insisted dat 2 get rid of my fear i need 2 talk bout ghosts n de started discusing ghosts.i was not in my self.afraid 2 d core.sumhow i finshed dinner n got in2 my bed n tried hard 2 sleep but in vain
den at aound 2am it hapend.der was some sound in d hall.sum1 was comin towards our room.i freezed.i closed my eyes n called upon God 2 rid me of dis horror.after about 5mins i opened my eyes n looked at d window, sum1 was standing der.but v were in d 2nd floor of a victorian building.how cud sum1 jsut stand outside d window??
i cannot put in2 words how i spent d rest of d nite.i breathd again wen at 5am my cousin came 2 wake me up 4 a mrning walk:0)

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