my days

so i am back after a long time and i must say dat during dis period i had almost lost my senses, its so hard 2 remain cut off 4m d world.u feel like u r dead,u have no where 2 go,nothing else 2 do but sit in dat 1 room and perish.rot like u r in confinement.
confinement reminds me of in turn give my mind a push bout crime n hence detectives………………….:0
i had been reading all dis while.i dint no dat i cud read so much in just 1 day.oh my gosh!!!!
i completed 2 mystry novels by agatha christie in just 1 day.n am hooked on2 secret of d chimneys at present.
i find agatha christie’s style so mesmerising.she is subtle yet so sharp.she weighs her words so carefully,n her style has d nostalgic feel of d late colonial era.her words r always full of pun:)
in short iam enjoying my read:)
talking of books a few of my frenz have read eragon n eldest n found it intersting.wat intersts me is dat sum1 had asked me 2 skip reading dos titles n suggested dat de were meant for d teenage fact now dat my frenz have liked d books i wish 2 override dat suggestion:)
in fact i have some confessions 2 make.simply outraged by my momz “fatwa” not 2 frequent d cyber cafe d way i did,i activated gprs on my phone,n had been cheking my scraps all dis time thru my mobile but every medicine has side effects……i have become quite addicted 2 porn.n m very shamefull bout dat 2.but every time i take a firm resolve not 2 indulge in it i find my “good” self overpowered by sum1 else.oh iots just so annoying,i try hard.but i must try harder…….
its not as if i consider sexual urges bad or something but der s limit 2 dat.i seem 2 push d limit everytime.i am deeply repentant 4 dat 2.
i herad dat aamir khan d gr8 film maker has taken 2 smoking again due 2 stress.oh dis gives me such a relief dat i 2 am human:).

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Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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