a wish in my heart

this is after a long gap dat i have taken up d pen 2 write…….well rather taken up d mouse 2 type!!!!hahaha.i have been wondering a lot 4 d past few days what kept me away 4m dis grrrr8 fun while d rest of d world blogged away 2 glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well a lot has hapend in dis short span of time.i have enrolled in2 a course which i always wanted 2 join n now i repent my decision yet again……coz i cannot cope up with the pressure.i really miss d fun days of my presi life where we used 2 go2 colege 2 catch up on d gossip.classes were an icing on d cake.haha

here i feel i have come back 2 school..teachers scold if u dont stand up 2 answer(well some of dem do),u need 2 attend all clases 2 get hold of wats being taught,but yes i have made a new group of frends hu compensate 4 my CHOTTO SONGSAR.STILL I WISH BHAM WERE DER IN MY DEPARTMENT……ritu,madhu,sugato,janu,uti,neelu,priyanka,saxi…….i miisssss dem all.

although most of us here in ballygunj 2gether,i wish we were 2gether 4 most part of 24 hours….well arka,sunayana.suhana,samhita do make 4 dem but a wish lingers in my heart….

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Bong intellectual, reader, writer, news addict, opinionated, tweet-a-minute King. Aspiring journalist/politician. PhD dropout. Pursuing my passion of writing professionally now.

Posted on September 26, 2008, in Personal Musings. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. ePrachirikay lekhona keno baba


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