Looking Back At 2009

Another year has gone by and its wise to take stock.Its become an annual ritual now to press the rewind button during the last week of the year and look back at what u have done!

For me the beginning couldn’t have been any better.23rd February 2009 will be etched in the memories of every music lover.Our very own beloved Mr A R Rahman achieved what was genuinely his,finally after 17 years in this industry!!!

On a personal level,it was as good as it can get.we shifted to our new renovated house 🙂 Love the new rooms,the spacious bed and the sprawling courtyard 🙂

Academically it was a year of surprises.Got a GPA of 5.48 out of 6 in the 1st semester which was really a surprise,even more shocking was a 5.47 in the second semester when i was expecting a supplementary in Mol bio paper.

The most memorable moments of the year undoubtedly were those spent in Delhi during my stay in JNU for the Summer Internship.made loads of friends all over India,had blast of a time with them visiting laces in Delhi.Most importantly the nightouts in the JNU campus….miss them a lot.its a night bird’s paradise i tell u!!!

Inspite of protests by mom i spent a second year in Kolkata during the Pujo.I must say Pujo with friends is fun.Enjoyed to the fullest.Following which there was the trip to Chadipur with friends. Oh boy trips with friends are bliss!!!

But God saved the best for the last i guess…the year closed with the greatest thing in my life… Rahman Sir’s concert in Kolkata….Boy oh Boy….i cannot explain to u the thrill of watching ur Gid infront of u.It was mesmerising.

Ummm….i forgot to mention but oh yeah!! i made a record of sorts by bunking classes on a regular basis at college.Teachers were exasperated.Classmates were frantic.I was unperturbd 🙂
And guess what i didnt have any problems while taking the exam 🙂 Lucky Me

The year closed on sad news of deaths puring in from different quarters.May their souls rest in peace in the heavenly abode.

Well that was it….this was how i spent the year 2009.

P.S. Made two great friends this year Abhishek and Twitter 🙂 My technicolor life wud have been Black n WHite without them.

Met the person of my dreams….and wish to settle down with that person.Wat say???

Hope 2010 has the answers to all unanswered questions of 2009 🙂 ciao

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Hehehheheheh! Hmmmmm! One unanswered Q for me! Who is this secret life partner to be? girl? Hope not twitter!


  2. arrrre nahi not on twitter!!! secret hai kyunki dont wana go public with the name right now 🙂 this was before i was active on twitter 🙂


  3. Okay!


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