7 January will be remembered by everyone in the virtual world for years to come.Facebook did something innovative for a cause.Women all over the world updated their status with the color of their bra.This to create awareness about breast cancer among women all over the world.

Impressed by the success story of #umbra i thought why not repeat the same on twitter??? i asked my friend @dr_micky for support.He was full of it.Together we decided to start this trend which would catch everyone’s fancy. @dr_micky christened the movement and we started.We were joined by @amolmathur who was another pillar of support for the movement.
As evening made way for night we made many more #chaddibuddies @iwannaquitmyjob @Kedar9 and @ishanmanjrekar who with their funny oneliners kept all of us in splits.
And guess what….soon our #RangChaddiDa was India’s topmost trend….
The movement wasn’t without its share of hiccups though….
Most of us were blocked from tweting for crossing status update limit,twitter itself was slow for sometime.But against all odds the movement emerged as the hero of the Night.
I am really happy to have been part of this movement and will keep tweeting about #RangChaddiDa.Hope this keeps trending for years.
Thank you buddies….. @dr_micky @amolmathur @Kedar9 @ishanmanjrekar @iwannaquitmyjob
i have made good #chaddibudddies 🙂 May the fraternity flourish 🙂

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  1. nice post chaddi buddy! 😀 lol and btw congrats!for ur success


  2. thanx for ur comment stephen bro…. yeah hope to keep this trending and start many more such trends in future 😛


  3. nice one dude..just give little more thought while starting trends in the future!!


  4. thanx for the comment toon india 🙂 was there anything wrong with this trend 😛


  5. gr8 attempt..only that the trend legend should have expressed the aim of the trend…rather than just being a metaphor…eg:rangchaddi4prostatecancer. otherwise, a great initiative… keep it up….and dont post too many RTs 🙂


  6. Hey its awesome.! Thanks 4the reco.! U dint mention the frank gals in it.? Name them.!


  7. ooops….will update…surely!!! but this turned out 2 b a boy's affair nah??? even the #chaddibuddies club is all boys 🙂


  8. I am comment-less at this moment.The excitement can be pursued with the fact that I, actually, dreamed of this #RangChaddiDa Movement.Not much to say; but, thanks a tonne to all the supporters. Hope, your continued support will help make the trend a Daily-Hashtaggable Hashtag.Thanks again.


  9. It was one of the best twitter trends ever. Really funny and exciting. It feels awesome to be a part of the tweeps' group who made #RangChaddiDa one of the top national trending topics. What's important is that we got very quality tweets for the topic and nothing crap stuff.


  10. thanx kedar and gaurav….lets make dis trend a daily one 🙂 rock on!!!


  11. thoroughly enjoyed this #chaddi movement that day!! =Dwat an awesome fun it was… but damn you twitter who went into the failwhale mood for sometime!! 🙂


  12. missed all the action,now reading the story..nice 🙂


  13. koi nahi buddy….keep tweeting from now on!!!its a daily thing…. 🙂


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