Hall of Shame

One more for the perennially paranoid… Dear All,

Mumbai police are facing a strange case of rape in which the victim has not even seen the criminal. There is a new way to rape women. The victim left the office after work and saw a little child crying on the road.. Feeling pity for the child, she went and asked what happened. The child said,’I am lost..Can you take me home please?’ Then the child gave her a slip and told the girl where the address is.

The girl, being an average kind person, didn’t suspect anything and took the child there. And there when she arrived to the ‘child’s home’, she pressed the door bell, she received a shock as the bell was wired with high voltage current, and she fainted.

The next day when she woke up, she found herself in an empty house up in the hills, with nothing on. She didn’t even get to see the face of the attacker…

Nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people. Next time if the same situation occurs, never bring the child to the intended place. If the child insists, then take the child to the police station.

Lost children are best sent to the police stations. Please send this to all your female friends.. Guys forward it to all the women you care about.

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  1. This is very bad ! incidents like this will make people not to have mercy too ! These criminals must be killed !


  2. Sucking the last bit of kindness from this world, wonder how long are we from chaos situation.


  3. seriously….i feel we are not a civilised society anymore


  4. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    Such people should be caught and shot dead.Raping is a crime equivalent to murder!!!


  5. Perfect blend of good article… I have only this comment..hope you can understand why I mentioned only this….


  6. very very sad incident! very sad! its very embarrassing that innocent people especially women are victims to such terrible offences.


  7. Why do these guys. Wait wait wait…No they are not guys, they are HELL's Agent…So, why do they think… GIRLS LACK POWER.I used to say this, Humanity's a failed experimentWalking the path to extinctionSpinning it's wheels endlesslyGrease them with oil and uraniumThe earth will shakeand the waters will riseThe elements reclaim what was taken…Taken from Reclamation by Lamb of God.Its more than just the truth.I'd tweet—HUMANITY #epicFAILI mean, how can this [the scene you mentioned] be a plot.I'd plead TALIBAN to rule.Please TALIBAN help this world.Since, HUMANITY has failed… at least you are better than such people.At least, you punish the offender publicly, without much time.PEACE.PEACE.PEACE.


  8. shame yaar…this is India..yet now we are not civilised


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