The "Jatra" named Bengal : Sogourabe Choliteche

Cholbe Na Cholche Na…anyone who has lived in Bengal will no what dis words mean….

They once said “What Bengal thinks today,India thinks tomorrow”.Sadly,those days are passe.Thanks to the 35 years rule of a party which has single handedly designed the road to Bengal’s doom.And to start with….they introduced this “weapon of democracy” (as if we needed more of it with rape of democracy everyday).
With their archaic policies they opposed every move to bring our state at par with modern technology…removal of english from curriculum in schools,banning entry of computers etc… Then all of a sudden a clean sweep in 2006 assembly polls gave them a confidence unmatched like ever before which prompted a total disconnect from the grassroots.Arrogance crept in to the corridors of power.And our CM went ahead with some projects which were not people friendly.The administration did not find it worth to discuss these projects with the masses.he just went ahead,What followed suit is history.2 December 2006, 14th march 2008 is still fresh in everyone’s memmory!!!
Enter opposition.
What is that? we asked till 2006.That year marked the rebirth of opposition in Bengal.Mamata Bannerjee emerged as the fire brand leader with the cause of farmers in mind.Kudos to her for carrying out the operations in Nandigram and Singur so successfully. But is the course of fighting the Left Front her own party emerged as a clone of the Left.Power corrupts.That surely happend to the TMC.Emerging as the single largest party in 2009 General electionsmthe have also started behaving like demi-gods.Moreover the culture of Bandhs,road blocks,manhandling public utilities,burning buses,clashing with public…. has been passed on from the Left to the TMC it seems.The violence on the strets on any Bandh day is same irrespective of the color.
And that is the real worry.We all crave for change in the government.No doubt about that.But bringing another attenuated clone of the Left is in no way a good deal.But lets hope for the best n have faith in Didi.She has acted like a responsible Cabinet Minister in the Union!
And let us hope the circus ends soon!!!After all every Jatra has to end at some point and people have go home!!!

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  1. It sums up well, but is little contradictory, disallowing Tata plan means again stopping the progress, similar to anti-computer/anti-English stance of Left. maybe place and way government handled the land purchase was questionable, but just reallocating the land could have corrected the situation, and turned into fiasco.


  2. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    I believe didi should choose people with a little more sanity than a certain someone like Kabir Suman who is himself confused on whose side he is… This not only brings in calamity within the party but also decreases the faith in the party among the common people.


  3. @TaiyouSun yes u are right.the govt was wrong in their approach.The people shud have been taken into confidance and the factory cud have come up on d land just opposite the disputed site@sayan cudnt agree more…did shud let go of her sycophants n look for real gems like kabir suman who want to work for d ppl


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