Fleeting moments

“What is cinema?” asks Aniket Mukherjee to his son. “Fleeting moments captured” replied Apu. This i think defines the experience called Abahaman.After Antaheen last year,this i guess is the best start to a Movie maniac.Rituporno hasn’t let his fans down.He lives upto his stature as a director.

The relationship between a director and his muse has been the subject of many films.But the manner in which it has been dealt with by Rituda is undoubtedly classic. Given a choice what would we choose? Sophistication or Unsophisticated spontaneity? The question is the skeleton of the film.
Director Aniket Mukherjee casts Sikha as Noti Binodini in his film by the same name,at his wife’s behest.In course of shooting a song sequence,her free spiritedness spells magic on him and an affair ensues,making his wife Dipti anxious.Sophisticated Dipti decides not to leave the house and punish her husband with her constant presence at home where,at the end of the day he “has to come back”.
In her quest for venegeance,Dipti wants her son Apu to become a filmmaker,but independant from his father’s influence and so she gets him into a magazine.Apu’s first article on his father’s affair is a hit.Apu wants to make a film on it!
The film spans 3 eras.It begins in the present when Aniket is no more and shuttles between the past and present effortlessly.Also there is the era of Noti Binodini…the film being shot.The metaphors are used in abundance throughout the film….a signature of Rituparno Ghosh! The manner in which a scene transcends into the next is a lesson for many in the film making business.Heart touching dialogues,Lively performances make distraction an extinct word.
Mamta Shankar-Dipankar Dey had been a great pair in the good old days.In this film too they play the perfect husband-wife! Their chemistry is a must watch out.
Riya Sen is a revelation.Playing the perfect modern day bengali girl with her sense of individualism and prefering the colonial language over her own….she comes a surprise to many!
Jishhu it seems is Rituda’s new muse 🙂 The transformation from being the Mama’s boy to the “man of the house” is spectacular! His scenes with his father towards the end of the film will surely bring tears to many eyes.
Finally the star : Ananya….from the boisterous new girl in the cinema business to the mature seasones actor…she plays her part really well.Stellar performance by her in the introductory scene where she “abolilakrome” lies to a famous director!!!
The dance sequence where Mamata teaches her the moves is worth treasuring! The brilliance of Mamata Shankar’s dance is known to those who have seen her perform 🙂
Kudos to Arghyakamal Mitra for his superb job with editing and also the new comer musicians!!!
The background score when Sikha enters the mourning house is haunting me even as i am writing this blogpost!
All is all a great movie experience.
My rating : 4 out of 5 🙂
i have only one line for Rituda : “O jokhon cinema banai 3 jon jara dekhte jai tara cinemar sathe jukto”….Tara bojhe or chhobir kodor ki…….

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  1. nicely depicted analyses. tho bit stretched, worth reading. nicely gained sense abt d plote of d movie.


  2. thanx for d comment….will try to be more precise next time 😛


  3. Want to see this, with subtitles, hope i do get too!


  4. hope u get do watch it Aditya…the cd/dvds arnt generally available till 6 months after release though 😦


  5. watched it. Thanks agnivo for recommendation.


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