Destroyed in Love…..

It is ironical that i watched this movie on a day when i was most bruised….waking up to a big and rude shock,i had decided to call off my movie plan but then vetoed it.Thank God i did!

Did i like the movie? YES…..
Why did i like the movie? Vidya Vidya Vidya……She has finally proved that she isn’t someone who can be ignored,two powerpacked performance back to back….she is again back to her golden days of Bhalo Theko and Parineeta.
The story is apparently simple.Love destroys…its a dangerous game.The film begins with a bomb blast which supposedly kills a notorious criminal Vidyadhar Verma.His widow Krishna(Vidya) is visited by two thieves seeking refuge.They were running away from “Jijaji” because they owe him money .Krishna soon becomes a part of this dangerous game for money,but with different plans in her heart.
You have to watch the film to know how the drama unfolds.It is filled with twists and turns.Some predictable some not.The background score keeps u on tenterhooks. I must say i have never heard a more catchy score from anyone but Mr Rahman.The songs all fit to the screenplay so effortlessly!
Another pillar of strength for this film are its dialogues.Oneliners like “yaha pe chuttar dhone se pehle banduk chalana sikhate hai” or “tumhara ishq ishq aur humara sex” were fabulous!
Also the chemistry that the actors share…be it Vidya-Arshad or Arshad-Naseer or Naseer-Vidya or the trio….is unbelievable.It seems they were born as these characters.
The only problem with the film is its climax.A desperate bid to make 2 and 2 four shows on the screen.And the Maoist subplot could be worked upon a bit more.
The film gifts us some awesome moments….like the dream sequence of Naseer in the bus or the Hunterwali sequence.And one would really love to watch this film for these memorable sequences.
All in all a great cinematic experience.Film-making seems such an illustrious job when you watch these films 🙂 A great movie from Vishal Bhardwaj’s kitty post Omkara.He is trule the king of rustic UP!!!
My Rating : 3.5 out of 5 and a big salute to debutante director Abhishek Chaubey.
Wish Vishal could get out of the shoddy climax syndrome soon to make his films even better.
P.S. The opening scene with Vidya wearing that red saree and singing was enough to evoke the ardor of even the coldest among men 😉

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  1. All in all a nice movie!


  2. Sometimes its good to act consciously against emotion to heal d wound……..>Very short n to d point words make it smooth ride to get d sense of d movie…Nice piece of writing..keep on putting.


  3. thanx thanx 🙂


  4. Wid dese words.. i think i shud watch this movie asap 😛


  5. hey thanx yaaar….definite watch 😛


  6. Review: Good.PS: Supperb.Rahman's mention: Absolutely unnecessary and equally expected. 😉


  7. @harshit lolzzz…..yeah!!!


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