One India

India is a federal country.The administrative powers are vested to both the Union and the state. But does that mean we belong to our states first and then we are Indians? Definitely not.Each state has its own feature,its own geography,demography and its own set of problems.But hen the collection of these 29 states is India.Imagine India without Kashmir!!! or India sans Kerala!!! Impossible to imagine,right???

I think our political class has forgotten this very truth.Regionalism has taken Indian political system hostage.Rise of regional parties has lead to them holding the nation to ransom.National parties mutely tolerate this nonsense eying their vote bank.
Shiv Sena has always talked about championing Marathi Manoos rights! No problem with that. But while doing so they have left no stone unturned to harass people from other parts of the country living in their state.And most of the time their target was the man on the street.The poor taxi driver or the coolie!They speak of doing good to Marathis but could not solve even the water and power crisis;all they did was change the name of the city! As if changing the name braught jobs to the unemployed Marath youth!
Mumbai,they say belongs to Marathis and no one else! Why? Is Mumbai a seperate country? Do we need visas to enter Mumbai? Our constitution gives us the right to free movement within the country….Is the Shiv Sena bigger than the constitution?
For 63 years our nation has been mis administered by our political class,and we have let people like these to rule us,but enough is enough! We should speak up and protest.
We won’t allow any political party to dictate to us what we should do and how.If i want to live and work in Mumbai its my will,and NO THACKREY can stop me.My cnstitution permits me to do so.AND THAT IS ENOUGH FOR ME.
I just want to appeal to people like me out there.dont sit back and be cynical.
“Ab bhi jiska khoon na khaula khoon nahi woh paani hai
Jo desh k kaam na aaye woh bekaar jawani hai”

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Good read…


  2. thanx 🙂


  3. I agree with you.But it will be too narrow at approach if we blame it all the party Shiv Sena.The whole issue has a bigger picture.Nothing evil can survive in our world unless it receives support of the commoners.The psychology of everything and anything is too difficult to understand, but SS is utilizing it very cunningly to benefit its malicious ideology.


  4. I didnt blame it all on SS,yes the SS receive public suport dats becoz they make dem believe dat dey r d opressed lot.awareness is wat ppl need.


  5. Nicely written Aagan. Small point to mention. There are people who ignore their rants, cowardly accepting their rants who are also giving them support. These people are claiming to be neutral. But they are in turn supporting the SS/MNS. Technical comment: Add a space at the start of the sentence 🙂


  6. i no who u r talking about ameen n seriusly hope dey give up the double standards for the good of d nation


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