Indian Education System

Every system has flaws in it.Nothing is 100% perfect.Then why do we always keep on blaming the system for all wrongs in our lives knowing that it cannot be perfect? Well to begin with we all are part of the system,change should start with us,system will automatically change.

Oops it seems i have written a part of the conclusion in the beginning itself.
Hello friends today i intend to write about the Education system of India.Its flaws and merits. Education is an integral part of a country’s development.The number of literate persons in a society gives us an insight into the level of progress the society has achieved.Although Lietracy and education are two different realms the system has somehow merged the two.And that’s it’s flaw#1.
The focus of the government has always been how many people know how to write their names rather than focusing on whether they know the alphabets.With the mission of making everyone self sufficient,the govrenment overlloked the basic foundation of Education — learning.
That brings me to the Flaw#2. Learning has taken a backseat in this mad rush for grades.I am blessed to be a teacher.Well i give tuitions actually.Teaching always excites me.I like to talk a lot while teaching.About many different things.As a student my teachers followed this method and i must say that made learning so much fun.But this doesn’t seem to work with my student.If i talk about something and digress from the topic then it becomes kind of suicidal for that day’s lecture!To top it his parents’ constant pressure to perform well makes the process even more frustrating.Dozens of tests and exams in 10 months,Huge syllabus makes it nearly impossible for a teacher to make a subject fun and enjoyable to the students.
Cramming becomes the order of the day before exams and then just puke it on the answer sheets,u score High grades and you r branded Intelligent.Nobody bothers to know whether u have the concepts.
Flaw#3 is somewhat related.Exam stress.what purpose does an exam serve? Harass students? or test them on what they have learnt?If the latter is the answer then why is there such a lack of applicaton oriented questions in the exams?Why do teachers stress on “cram- and-u-win” formula?Long essay type questions of 15-20 marks….what is the use???!!!! (In our department it is an open secret that whatever is taught in the class is the syllabus for exam.And questions are set from what teachers say in the class).
Writing short answers is really tough.One cannot unless he/she is well versed in the topic.Test them on that. But No.The government wants everyone to score a 90%.They want their votes.That all.
Lastly My example.I was a nerd till Class 10.i USED TO STUDY A LOT.When in college i realised the futility of studying.Man,even if i study topics for the first time the day before exam I manage to make a rank among the Top 5 in class(#self promotion LOL).ANd no body cares whether i have learnt anything.I dont care either,if i wanna learn something i do a research on that topic.I miss classes,a lot of them.Last semester i ran into trouble for that and that reflected in the marks.I had ceased to be a teacher’s favourite so lost the extra grace points i used to get 🙂 I don’t regret that.
Ultimately what matters is I know where I stand.Whatever be my GPA. A 5.5 out of 6 won’t make me super intelligent neither will a supplementary in any paper undo what i have learnt.
So people focus on learning.Not rote learning.LEARNING.Study for knowledge.not grades.
A friend of mine keeps on telling me i will ruin my career if i miss classes and screw up my grades.But if career means just good grades and attending classes I don’t wanna attend,then,My friend,i would rather not get the grades.I would rather focus on what i like doing.And i know success will touch my feet oneday.
On that note,i wish u all best of luck for ur lives.Keep watching this space for the next update.
P.S. This isn’t inspired from 3Idiots if you think so.I did’t like the movie! 🙂

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  1. comment kya karu?? yeh to ghar ghar ki kahani, aagan ki zubani!! 😉


  2. thanx yaaar 🙂


  3. simply wud hv read more detailed analyses from U, seems tht wud make it more lengthy. Education system is more like manufacturing units in india.No1 has any interest in developin kids' inner more creativity but only makin machines who only know how to earn money n F*** ur life.Parents r also responsible for whole mess at d national level who r not interested in seein der kid become human but machine.I can keep goin, but only hope k is gullistan me bahar fir se aayegi.


  4. liked ur point. but i wud like to add something…1. there definitely needs to be some pressure in the form of xams..but not the way we are exposed to. for eg, i find it very stupid of having to answer say two 15 marks, four 10 marks, six 8 marks ques (totalling to almost 30-40 pages) in a stipulated time of 3 hrs….we are students, not warriors at war!!! i totALLy agree with ur point of conceptual ques..when we expect these types of ques, it lets us think about what we are studying.


  5. @bhamuu i said d same thing.test us for our skills not for marks!


  6. Well if it were not so, I would have been something else, no BE, no science! Nice!


  7. There is a stage when everybody gives up. And that stage arrives too early when you are a science student. Mine has arrived. So I am out of the blame game, Chill !!


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