Kolkata & Me

14 July 2005.That was my first day as a student in Kolkata.After completing my schooling in North Bengal,i wanted to move out of the boundaries of that small place.Although i would have loved to move out of Bengal altogether,i chose to study in Kolkata.That too in an elite institution Presidency College 🙂

Living away from home for the first time,that too in a big city like Kolkata,i was thrilled,excited and yes nervous.Although i stayed in Siliguri for two years during 11-12th schooling,it does not count as away from home coz home was just 45 minutes away.
So an 18 year old.All alone in a new city.Anticipating a new life.New environment.
Thankfully i had cancelled my admission to department of Physics in St Xavier’s College or else i would have never met the 13 wonderful people who made me feel quite at home in this city.I must tell you that the three years in Presidency College were my best years in life and never have i enjoyed so much.14 of us,thinking alike,always together,united….I have never heard of any other group who were like us.We had differences amongst ourselves but put them aside for the sake of our group.Thats why we Physiopals still continue to be together inspite of being in different departments!
Among all of them obviously Bhamuu has been my best mate till date.He is more than just a best friend for me.Had he been not in our department i don’t think our group would have been as strong as it is!Every get together,Party,Treat,Physiopal Award that had been organised over the last five years had been due to his unrelenting efforts(with a little help from me and Linz).He immortalised our stay in Presidency with his great videos,his sense of videography is unmatched,I have seen many videos made by many students but no one can match the standards Bham takes his short movies to!!! The video of our excusrion is a testimony to this fact.Or even the numerous other videos of our get togethers.
Golpark-Gariahat is my favourite place for hanging out in Kolkata.It was my meeting spot with Bham during 1st and 2nd year of BSc 🙂 we were both members of the RamKrishna Mission Library and used to love chatting by passing chits inside the reading room 🙂 Plus Bham is my co accomplice in out eat outs,I don’t think there is any restaurant in and around Gariahat where we haven’t been to 🙂 Eating at new places and rating them is our hobby 😛
Other than him my motley of friends consist of Ritu,Linz,Sumitash(Janu),Madhu,Neela,Sayan,Uttam,Sugs,Sakshi,PriyOnka(;P),Krish.All of them have some way influenced my life during the past 5 years.Be it PCGC in class or the discussions and debates or dance sessions in labs during practical classes,practical tuitions at Atulda’s place…i miss them all!!!
I must talk of British Council Library visits with Ritu.Oh…what fun those used to be.We used to love disturbing old people with our constant chatter patter inside the library 😀 Plus the biriyani at Saima or short visits to 25 Camac Street.Man i miss those 😦
Since i stay alone here in Kolkata i always love visiting people at their home 🙂 Linz’s Mom keeps on saying “abar esho” whenever we leave her house inspite of the fact that we visited her just yesterday 🙂 Not just Linz…Sayan and Neelanjan’s house also get a frequent visitor in me and Bham 🙂
In short we just need an excuse to meet up.Sometimes we don’t even need excuses 😛 I feel the most comfortable in the presence of these people and can never let go of them.
Having said so much about Presi days i must admit that yes in MSc too i met really good people,although i don’t even know everyone in our class of 57,they must be good in their own sweet way 🙂 Two among them who shaped my last two years were Abhishek & Aneesha…who are really very sweet and truly good friends.Abhishek particularly is my bestest friend ever.And i love him a lot.
Well thats all i think.My stay in Kolkata for the last 5 years gave me such wonderful friends and i hope i will be lucky in life to have more like them 🙂
3 cheers to this City of Joy….inspite of its several shortcomings i love this city 🙂

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  1. dear agni,i only got 2 lines in ur essay n that too abt BCL…hmmmm


  2. Satinder S. Panesar

    College days … wow, Great memories.


  3. @ritu i think i already talked about it with u@SatiderP yeah…..sweet memories 🙂


  4. I become nostalgic after reading about college days. Undoubtedly, my best and most F****d up days of my life.


  5. cheers to kolkata. i may be writing imilar stuff for durgapur after 1 yr!


  6. Aditya Nandode

    Summing up life! You sound really old!;)Love Him! I thought it was HER!


  7. Subham Dasgupta

    well…a well written summarybut u missed out on one thing which bonded us in the first place…kolkata metro!!!and haldirams!!!


  8. Subham Dasgupta

    also, i think ur msc pals deserve more space here


  9. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    Well written..bt abhishek deserves a more intimate discussion..he he he he he he 😛


  10. majador blog you have buddy. I would love to see Kolkatta. Keep writing and nice to see an young and active man. @cgBalu at twitter


  11. @balu thanx bro :)))) this blog is very nostalgic for me 🙂


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