A love story

This is a story of a boy.A normal boy,with a normal life,school.friends,tuitions.He is a very good writer.And has a good taste in music also.But then why is he called Abnormal?Why do people look down upon him?Why do some people wash themselves if he touches them?Why…..that is the BIG QUESTION.

Love is a 4 letter word.Apparently simple in meaning.But has wide ramifications.Love,they say,is universal.
Then why is his love not ratified by the society?Why is it considered unnatural?Who is society to decide whether he can love another boy?Does nature discriminate? NO.Why does society?
And do remember love is not just about Lust.Love is a meeting of two souls.And soul is gender neutral.

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  1. Aditya Nandode

    That's one of the unanswered Q of life.


  2. Satinder S. Panesar

    you cannot stop someone loving someone from the same gender, like you raised the question then why does the soc. has the problem?Well, coz it's new change which people find hard to digest. Am sure with the passage of time people will accept it.Earlier people were even afraid to talk about it, but now people are talking. That shows that people are opening to this change which is a good sign.


  3. Pankaj Trivedi

    Well. Unfortunately, the society in our country is still playing role in restricting love. Your few lines have made the pain very lively.


  4. thanx aditya,satinder,pankaj 🙂 wish those who think like the society read dis!!!


  5. Love must have no border… but let it be… time will… and stories will change too… loved this one. Keep going bro!


  6. i luv this boy as my friend.its been almost 5 yrs.i give a damn 2 the society who doesnt think him normal.i dnt even think twice b4 taking his side because thats how u accept frnz…n ppl out there whoever think that this is a negative quality in him r SICK.luv is of different kinds n we share 1 of its sort. i m proud of agni who has voice out his feelings against this society….will always b his frnd…


  7. dats like a good girl Ritu…..love u :))))


  8. Subham Dasgupta

    luv is in the air..anyways… its true that homosexuals are looked down upon as aliens even today!! when I say that one of my friends is a gay…i get the response " no way!!!" "what???" "yew, who's that?"….y..arent they humans? humans, with maybe a partner choice that "normal" people call "abnormal"..but who decides what's normal and what's abnormal? no one.. so people, please lets not treat them as entities of a different planet, just because they chose someone of the same sex, lets not be judgemental about them. lets not compel them to live a closet life, where they have to either live an insecure life, with their orientations being a source of mockery to the society, or act "straight". they are our friends!!! my friend!


  9. may be because it's not productive yet!


  10. @uttam procreation is not the prime criterion for love.moreover natural selection might select for homosexuality coz of its non reproductivity coz of alarming rise in world population!!!


  11. @agni: absurd speculation if not eschatological.


  12. Loved ur concept on LOVE……GOOD 1!!!


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