Coming out : a big deal?

The world is going gaga over a certain man.He has been trending on twitter post his “coming out” with his sexuality.One part of the human race welcomed his decision to share with the public,his sexuality while a large section of the multitude ridiculed his artistic caliber because of the declaration.We all know who i am talking about.Yes,its Ricky Martin.

“I am a fortunate homosexual” said the pop sensation and teen heartthrob in his blog.His fear kept him away from making it known to everybody that he loves men.That brings us to a bigger question.What is “the fear”? Why do some people have to tell others “I am gay”, why cant everyone just be happy in their lives.Why make a big deal of “coming out”???
Have we ever heard of any celebrity announcing “i am straight”? No! Do we expect them to talk about their sexual life in public? No. But then why do we have the same expectations from seemingly “homosexual” men?
For me coming out is a trivial issue! Its my life.I may like anyone.I may share my bed with anyone.That should not be a cause of concern for any third person.I do not need to scream from the roof top that i like men.Neither do i need to wear my sexuality on my sleeves.
For me just referring to the preferences during a casual chat over coffee with friends would suffice as coming out. I do not need a blog or TV interview or for that matter any platform to declare to the world that i am “a fortunate homosexual”. At the end of the day what matters is what i am not who i love(or want to share my life with). For me Ricky Martin is the singer who gave us “Maria” or “cup of life” not a “fortunate homosexual”.
But yes he does give hope to millions out there who might feel “yes,we are not alone”.
This is for them who have been struggling all these years against all odds to prove to the society “we are no different than you are”.
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  1. Some one you might know

    Is nothing private any more? but I guess being a celebrity, one is always living a public life. Ricky Martin's coming out story has been good, that it was not like George Michael's but, bad in a way that the TMZ Generation might just ruin it all.(by forgetting it all too soon)


  2. Yup comparison with George Michael arises!!! But we all are entitled to our personal lives!


  3. btw the issue is not about being celebrity its about right to my privacy 🙂


  4. The bottom line is "he is an individual and a really good artist" and having said that, it hardly makes any difference who he goes to bed with. Personally speaking, Ricky Martin introduced me to western pop music with his "Maria" and "Cup of Life" songs… used to be his biggest fan during school days… but now I'm wondering whether he was Living Da Vida loca with men all these time! LOL


  5. Aditya Nandode

    Coming out! Its ridiculous,its matter of my personal choice, whether i am gay/lesbian or straight or anything else, is just my personal life, why the heck one should come out, and hailed for it/stoned for the same, its as bad as kiss and tell, even worse!


  6. Hitesh Kumar J

    Wow buddy,music to ears to hear an open mind's views.To be honest,for a while I felt uncomfortable about the news…however it passed and after a day,it really didn't matter much to me.Your point about—>"hope to millions out there who might feel "yes,we are not alone". " is an important one.We in the so called "mainstream" society have a responsibility to treat the unusual among us with an open and fair mind.So Ricky if you r listening,as a fan I am only interested in what your next song is? Wishing it rocks us all like the song "cup of life" did.


  7. @aditya….BINGO!!!@hitesh "unusual" is a term i would not use.Minority would be a better term.@shakti_shetty LOL i am wondering too :PThanx for ur comments people


  8. Well, my coming out was also in a similar way. I posted it in my blog, and after a few months it was like i was a thing of amusement. I used my blog post because I wanted everyone here to know, and stil couldnt go to each one to come out. And Ricky's coming out just reminded me of mine.And its been a year now.


  9. @editor Hmmm….cool 🙂 #nostalgic huh? i say file plagiarism suit! LOL


  10. he does give hope to millions out there who might feel "yes,we are not alone". that is the crux of it. When we become celebrity or have a talent then we can tell every thing. cgBalu from twitter.


  11. @cgbalu 🙂 yup.dats coz people idolise celebs 🙂


  12. Dibyendu Paul

    Well First of all I want to tell one thing that the confession of Ricky Martin Was jst straight from his Heart, Form the core .. If you ppl has already visited his personal blog.. And Yeah I Also Do believe that Coming out is Not something which We have to celebrate wid bang and raising a flag .. But a deal When We get to introduce ourselvs to our closed ones or other about a different facet of our lives.. And in this case whether Ricky should do all this publications or not is not my matter of concern .. But in his last 38 years He was taking things into HIM only .. and its just a simple outburst of emotion Yeah you can tell that its something publicizing ..but he will alwaz remembered as As Singer Ricky…..


  13. @dibyendu yeah u r right i agree!!! ultimately what matters is change of perception.thats it!


  14. Yup, I truly agree whateva u said.. No one, yup no one even a celeb need to answer questions about his sexuality..and (rahi baat…) for Ricky Martin.. I loved his songs then.. I love his songs still.. 🙂


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