April Fool

First April as we all know is the day of fools.I do not know the history behind it and do not care either.The day is supposed to make merry and have fun.

Twitter is a platform where i interact with people the most.So it was imperative that i fool people on twitter 🙂 All day long i was testimony to people using brainy ideas to fool the fellow tweeps. I decided.Why would i be left behind in the process.I joined in.
I just did a simple thing,changed my avatar 🙂 I chnaged it to a Holi pic of mine.LOL, people started asking me why am i celebrating Holi on 1st April…..hahahahaha……i made a fool of them all!!!
Even Gaurav Gera, known for his wits, laughed at my enterprise and called me a funny man 😛
But the day did not pass by without me being made the Bakra…..Sayan fooled me by saying he got an interview call from MIT,twitter fooled me withe false news of “pay per tweet” and so on….
But the epic incident of that day was the way the government of India fooled us with the Right To Education Bill. Will that change anything in this corrupt system? Lets see….

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. hello friend. That was a nice share of your April fools day. I read the next blogs too….the poems on friendship and loneliness. And read the green letter thing…I'm not a good poet. write any good thing that is poem. good luck.


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