Last year on this day Bham, Sayan, Neelanjan, Priyanka and me had been to Mani Square. For two reasons. Hangout and discount at the food court 🙂 A year has passed. So many things have changed. I have changed. But the undercurrent of friendship and understanding between us still exists!

Memories flooded my thinking today after reading Bhamuu’s blog post on Physiopals. For the last few months the interaction between the two of us had reached nadir. Thanx to my obsession with the virtual world. His blog kind of brought me back to senses. I was getting so mentally away from my original “bhwitter” to tell the world about what “i am eating”!!! I am a pathetic moron.
That reminds me i told Bham just today in the morning about a “telepathetic” connection between the two of us which prompted both of us to write a post on Physiopals. Haha. But after reading his post i had to redo it all. And what you are reading is the result of the renewed thought process.
During the last five years i have earned a reputation of having “photographic memory”. I never forget dates, incidents(however small) remain etched in my memory for long(wish it were true for studies too). My first eat out with Bham, our first get together, our first tiff, 7th March 😉 25th May, the day we went for hogging at chinis while bunking experimental and CM sir caught Bham…..i will never forget them!
Have you noticed that my memories just centre around one person? Well i have kind of spent a lifetime with him. My bestest friend(this categorisation has come with its own share of pains). If i look back in time his is the face that emerges first! He is family. To brand him a friend would be to undermine our relationship.
But in the process i should not forget the other persons who were part of my journey of life during the last five years! Sumitash for example…CM termed us jagai madhai. If it was Bhamuu in Golpark (in the first year) it was Janu(as i call him since his surname is jana) in the college! Rituparna…my first pal in college. We studied for the exams together. I still remember her asking me ” whats the answer of gluconeogenesis question?” and i had given her the whole copy in the middle of exam and said “search the notes”. Our PNPC sessions in BCL that used to turn off the elderly crowd 😀 We even earned the reputation of being a pair (even our HOD asked ritu about us) To this allegations Ritu just said “It is not mentally compatible” hahahahaha! Ufff Ritu…..And she has been saying for the past one year that she is shifting to Kolkata!!!! Her impatience and demands are something we all cherish(she does not understand her value in our lives…keeps on acussing us of neglecting her). Madhurima, not so favourite of Ritu but one of my bestest friends from the good old days 🙂 Her brother is my namesake 😛 and i hope i was also a brother figure to her. Had i taken AIIMS entrance exam i might have been studying with her now 🙂 Madhu has been a mentor of sorts for me in many ways. We share a same political ideology and also look at many issues through the same prism! Humanity is what matters most to her. kudos.
Sayan…the only person in the same class with me for the last five years! His roll number has always been one ahead of me(god’s will?) He is the coolest person i ever met in my life(starting from the ragging day when he was asked to determine the sex of Ms skele and he was speaking out of turn till just the day before in lab he has groomed himself so well.And he is the perfect boy friend too. :))
Linz was a quite girl in Presi.She transformed in MSc. I specially love the shoots we have at her place. Her Mom is so cool. We commit such nuisance at her place and kakima has no qualms about it! A short period of misunderstanding because of some third party elements did not spoil the party for us though 🙂
Another person i would miss would be Neelanjan. My “victim”. LOL…..i gave this man such tough times! hehe.It all seems so funny now but imagine what might have been his condition back then? Hahahaha.
Sakshi,the elegant dancer,the most beautiful of them all,the loudest and the most cheerful girl among the Physiopals.Chirpy….what more….Her xerox shop was a boon for us! the smokochino outings before exam, the unfair bias Bham had for her while capturing us on camera….her opening a debate on cloning with “hello clones”….so many things come to my mind which i cannot pen down 🙂

Sugata i will remember for his “intimacy” with girls and boys alike 😉 That LT experience!!! oh my god….who can forget that. Although distanced himself from us now(with new found priorities) he will always remian the “bhaat” speaker and the male form of rituparna(only for the RJs).

Priyanka and her mood swings and songs, Uttam and his quiet nature(which had a sudden change in the MSc first year), Mysterious Krish, Our very own Chadan(who was our favourite bully victim) who metamorphosed from the quite and shy gal to the …..all special people!!!

But the memories would be incomplete without Abhishek. The “extra physiopal” who will always be there with me. We fight like kids on everything,we never give each other straight answers.We care for each other but behave as if we cant tolerate each others’ presence! We are intimate friends. He is one person who understands me truly! Although i dont see eye to eye with him on most issues,i like discussing things with him! We have had our share of controversies….i have insulted him quite a few times! Rather brutally….but everytime we emerged as even better friends(or so i want to believe). And as i always
say i love him a lot!

But this is not an account of just my memories of my classmates! This is looking back at those days…..but if i write about them it would be bigger than Mahabharat in size. I wish i could attach one of Bham’s videos here so that you could know what it is to be a Physiopal! 🙂 
I would not even try!Memories are best stored in the cells of the amygdala and hippocampus!

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  1. Nice one. You made me nostalgic.


  2. Subham Dasgupta

    hehe..ami r ki comment debo…3te para amar upor..heheanyways… il be nostalgic when i read this after june. for now, just enjoy the times…if u have "come back to senses", I have chatted yesterday the whole evening, contrary to what i do nowadays…say tata…because U chatted the way u used to do..(not totally, though, but cholbe)…and after scripting the blog, i was also feeling quite sad that those days are nearing an end.


  3. Subham Dasgupta

    r 7th march, 21st march r 25th may amio bhulte parbona, dustu!


  4. @bhamuu toke ami bhulte dile to bhulbi 😛 haw haw!!! amar fav robi thakuere gaan ta nischoi etodine mukhosto hoe geche? Sesh nahi j…sesh kotha k bolbe??? 😛 R ye…amaro chat korte bhalo lage just Tata bole chole gele kharap amaro lage! jaihok let that be past!@vimal thank u sir 😛


  5. Subham Dasgupta

    kharap lagar scope tor thakena agni! anyways leave it…eta ki ye kore ki laav?hehe..sugata r oe LTr din!!!hehehehe


  6. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    Phiriye dao..amar sei din tumi phiriye dao…e bhab chle jeo na……


  7. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    Amio erm kichu likhte chai….


  8. Subham Dasgupta



  9. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    Amio erm kichu likhte chai….


  10. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    oto sohoj naki lekha!! amar photographic memory noi? btw 7th march,2st march 25th may ki hyechlo?


  11. muaaaaaaaah @sayan for the 1st comment……second comment ta sha korchilam!!! we know u too well 🙂


  12. sayan sona online eso gtalk e


  13. thenewdimension

    Hey, what will you do after these last months of yours in Kolkata? You have such cool friends, how will you manage to stay from them? Your blog compelled me to think how ll i manage after 2years. I wish you ll introduce me with your friends some day.


  14. Subham Dasgupta

    theres no need for a formal intro, mate, they are here, there, everywhere!!!u still have two yrs…thats a lot of time to make memories…we are planning to make more memories in these 2 months' time…that too, with a bunch of exams coming up!as it is, we have GBs full of our pics and videoz!aagan! nehi! tum nehi ja sakte!! nehi! nehi! nehi!


  15. Subham Dasgupta



  16. Aditya Nandode

    Its so complex to remember ur days of college, depending on your mood they can bring smile to ur face or few tears of missing them all! All the best for ur future life!


  17. @dibya introduction? well why not? anytime!!! they are really nice people 🙂 great friends….i know one thing when i go home in june…first few days i am gonna cry my heart out 😦 @aditya Thanksssssss 🙂 i swear i was thinking of so many incidents and did not how to pen down my thots!!!@bham that is my copyright not urs (melodrama i mean)


  18. Such a "nostalgic" post… I can totally relate to it…There is always some point in life when you discover how very important your best friends are… I suppose you wrote this post at that moment…This has inspired me to write a post that is dedicated to my friends….


  19. Subham Dasgupta



  20. @kedar wow….do send the link to me when u post it in ur blog….


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