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The past one or two weeks were bubbling with news it seems. So many incidents, BREAKING NEWS all over the TV. Dantewada, Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha, IPL, Modi-Tharoor, Peerless Hospital violence, and finally ISRO failure! Till late last night NEWS was crippling my head.

News….. voyeurism….private -public domains….the distinction seems to have faded between these realms! But that was bound to happen. With a surge in the number of channels, every channel is in a war of TRPs. Their success is measured not by the quality of the news but the quantity. Even the viewer has no qualms watching news of the lowliest kind. So its a vicious system of which we are a part of.

Obviously  i was referring to the Sania Shaadi Saga. Whether Shoaib was married to Ayesha, why was Ayesha silent on the issue till the marriage  was announced, legal loopholes, the relevant topics of discussion were lost in the turf war between channels who roped in Mullahs and astrologers and who not, to determine the fate of the three! Mud slinging and character assassination need not be mentioned! Ultimately the couple are maried. Ayesha extracted her pound of flesh, so the media is happily discussing the color of Sania’s saree!

On the similar lines, the Great IPL tamasha is grabbing the limelight now. The war started in Twitter! Imagine IPL commissioner declaring an information as important as the ownership of a team and the corruption involved through tweets!!! What stopped him from calling an official press conference? Murky issues are coming to the forefront. Shoddy deals, hidden details of bids….right from the first season! Personal life of a prominent public figure being discussed shamelessly. It is highly possible that Shashi Tharoor might have yielded his power to get Kochi on the map of IPL, but the news of Modi’s kith and kin owning many other teams is also a matter of grave concern! who knows Modi might be trying to hide his own misdeeds by shifting the focus on to someone else! Let us wait and watch as the drama unfolds. But i find the demonising of tharoor and angelisation of Modi very unfair. We must be non-partisan! And obviously a lot more is going on behind the scenes! There are bigger powers involved. the franchisees which lost this year’s bid might also have some stake in this issue! BCCI, political parties….everyone is knee deep into this controversy!

What else? Oh yeah…..in all this hullabaloo i forgot Dantewada. Yes I here stands for the “media”. The brutal massacre of CRPF in Chattisgarh, followed by resignation drama and BJP’s “shocking” “coming back to senses” by supporting P Chidambaram (all for scoring political brownie points though) hit a media roadblock due to another colleague of our Home Minister. A section of the intellectual group hailed the “gandhi with guns” for their “victory” over the STATE which is conspiring to corporatise the nation and deny the poor their rights! What i dont understand is how they decide which life is more precious? Why would the grief of a family of the Jawan be less important than the woes of a tribal family. Moreover projecting the murderer Maoists as champions of  tribals would be the biggest blunder of them all. Power is all they want. Once in power these men would also continue the same lineage as do our very own netas! Its just like the case of Taliban and poor Muslims. They are misguided and their abject poverty used as a tool to rouse their anger against the system. But here we must remember in this fight against naxals, the innocent should not suffer or else there would be another group in the future which would seek to avenge these deaths!

Before summing up i would just say yesterday i felt very disturbed by the fact that 330 crores of public money was wasted on a failed mission by ISRO. I am not against ISRO. Neither do I decry their past achievements. But could the 330 crore rupees have not been used for a more meaningful purpose? Ours is a nation where thousand go to sleep without one square meal! Technology should advance but the benefits of it should reach all levels!

I have tried to fit in as many issues here as possible. The views expressed here were mine and might not match yours! So before you launch an attack on my views just spend 1 minute thinking about it!


P.S. I wish to know what you all think about the issues i talked about!

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  1. Aditya Nandode

    Chaos! I am getting a feeling, that most of the earthquakes and Volcanoes are not getting due limelight! 7.1 Richter scale in Tibet for instance, no coverage!


  2. China, North bengal, Bihar did not get any coverage! i agree fully!!!


  3. This article is right on time… how sick of our media and how sick of us to let it be the way it is… there are many killing issues and we were engrossed in a triangular marriage and a perpendicular IPL drama!… its pathetic at best and like you pointed out in your article that controversy is always a winner for media… i wish someday controversy of "good kind" take place… till that happens, let's waste our time together!


  4. Yar, "Jo bikta hai-Wo dikhate hain" ideology has spoiled almost evry News media…if a charismatic journalist like Rajat Sharma can run an all-fail IndiaTV…anything can happen!Good article on the two very different sides of coin….


  5. thenewdimension

    I have very different point of view on this issue of over reaction of media. TV in a way gives you the right to watch what you want, you have the remote change the channel if you dont want to watch the program. The media sells a news which is sellable. If the news doesn't sell, media won't block its prime time. NDTV showed this in Sania-Shoaib case. They realised that they are not able to sell the news on their channel so started a negative campaign.


  6. @dibya u have brought a new dimension! Yes we need to be responsible too! but quality control should happen at the media houses. what use is the remote if all channels show the same thing?


  7. @shakti @punit yes its all about paisa and power! its ur sellability that matters 😦 quality has no value 😦


  8. that is nice to see the coverage in a blog. Aditya Nandode has said something not covered and so the blog becomes wholesome coverage. Missing news…weekly cover up by aagan!


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