Reflections of Life

In the morning sun where the sky is blue. 
the clouds fly white.. each kid dreams new..
where the grass is green and the tall palm trees..
they shade each teen every child breaks free.
but there is a Valley deep and dark..
life not preached.only a lurk…he has no dreams.
lives black and white..never heard a music..never seen the light

the mother stands at the gate,
looks yonder,
the son is late,or is it late son?

a tide of emotions swells in my heart,
i look at your face,
the serene smile,
only if you could open your eyes,
i could express my love,for you

your eyes moist with tears!
 i hug you, kiss your eyes…..
your tears become mine!

i hold you in my arms,
look into your eyes,
i see just a void…an eternal darkness!

i reach out for your hand,
catch but air.
where are you?
why do i feel you are here?
while i do not know wh
ere you are…..

sitting by the window i look at the sky,
but where is the sun,the stars?
clouds envelope my mind,
i suffocate….slowly staring at death
rains drench me wet,
i run for shade.alas.
there is none.
i run n run……finaly meet the end
another day went by…. 
life’s nothing but a lie… 
some stop , some cry … and i ….
well….waiting to die…

Every flower withers, every day ends…. 
The scent of the flower remains……
the memories of the day stays!
This poem is actually a collection of tweets written over a span of 12 hours.Not composed in this specific sequence at all, had to be edited after compiling them in one document!

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. I'd say you did a very fine job organising them.. Poems should not be always rhyming and all.. it shoukd make you feel what you wanted to convey..n I think you did it very neatly!! loved it.. infact i never knew u write poems aswell.. good work yaar!


  2. @diablo slowly learning the art of writing fact i can never write rhyming poems!!!


  3. Aditya Nandode

    Fine job indeed! Bravo!


  4. Awesome bhai.!


  5. OMG!! This was actually a compilation? Great work!Ahh! The end is always there.. and there is a new beginning. Pheonix rises from its ashes, a new born thing.The sun rises too, just after the dark dawn. This is life my friend, a new day has come.Wrote that just now 😛 Good one. Really good. Keep writing.


  6. Wow man! loved it. keep it up. keep'em coming.


  7. Subham Dasgupta

    🙂 great yaar


  8. @laafatlife wonderfull composition yaaar@aditya @darshit @amol thanx all :)))@bhamuu dhonyobaad 🙂


  9. Too bad I missed those tweets. I wonder if anyone else has done this sort of tweet-literature. Great poem, btw. Did you have anyone in mind when you wrote it?


  10. @madhuman u guessed it right….i had a lot in mind while writing 🙂


  11. Must have to say, you are getting better at this… and its a pity I stopped writing verses since I joined the quagmire of Twitter and Facebook! hahaha… keep up buddy, proud of u.


  12. awesome! good attempt! keep trying…and I feel you can have a short and sharp one too.


  13. Somesh Mukherjee

    now i've finally had the time to come here. Nice poem man. deep, pretty


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