Sudhu tomar jonno

কত কিছু আসে মনে | কত কিছু রয়ে যায় মনের চিলেকোঠায় |
নাবলা কত কথা আসে চলে মুখের গোড়ায়, কেন পারিনা উচ্চারিতে সে কথা?
স্মৃতি সতত সুখের, চোখের কোনায় জলের এক বিন্দু, সহস্র আবেগ এক লহমায় বয়ে যায়|
সব কথা যায় কি বলা? কিছু কথা না বলে বুঝে নিতে হয়|
নিভৃতে বসে যখন ভাবি তোর কথা, ঝড় বয়ে যায় এক
তুফান সে ভারী, হৃদয় জুড়ে ওঠে |
“বন্ধু তোমায় ভালোবাসি” বলতে যত সহজ শোনায়,
সহজ ততটা নয় |
না হয় সাদা খাতায় ভরে উঠুক আমার মনের না বলা কথা |

This poem is specially written for Bham. But it is universal too. i think you can relate to my feelings. Silence speaks volumes they say,and i have used silence to communicate my love for my friend Bham.Without going into long descriptions of our friendships, revisiting memories, i chose to relay my emotions through my blank pages!

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Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Some one you might know

    Universal is the word I would use as well, generalization, not a proper term for a great friendship, mainly because great friendships are so tough to make. Will have missed just one thing in life, having great friends, and pieces like this drive that point home ever so painfully.


  2. @subhro it was my good luck i met such nie people!and who had such nice undercurrent of understanding!!! Bham is a darling.Loved by all.I was fortunate to have been his closest friend in class.i surely think u have someone as ur close friend!just need to realise 🙂


  3. Some one you might know

    Agnivo da: Not really, the only thing I have prided myself in is formality and distance, even with the warmest of people, that way I can get away unscathed…


  4. unscathed??? u sound like u r in war!!! but ultimately yeah….its personal choice! even i used to take pride in my lack of best friends…..after 2005 things changed 🙂 its always good to have someone to talk to! @subhro


  5. Some one you might know

    Agnivo da: na na it is not like like that, I have people to talk to, only that I never like to discuss myself 🙂


  6. Haha!!! u always do it on twitter :)by talking i meant discussing urself 🙂


  7. Well wot should I tell as such .. its all about your personal feelings and a space where we alwaz we all desire n cherish our loved ones …:)


  8. Subham Dasgupta

    amar kichui bolar nei!


  9. Subham Dasgupta

    @some one u might know…u cannot go and "make" friends. It is not a commodity or something….its a feeling, it doesnt come with "conditions" like pour-all-of-urself-to-him/her. U can be a private person, and yet have a friend. And the very fact that even thoughts like "pieces like this drive that point home ever so painfully" have crossed ur mind, proved that u are not the one "unscathed"..


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