Looking Back at the last month

Exam season had its casualty in me!I was away from the virtual world for a long time.Almost three weeks. During these three weeks a lot happened. We all witnessed those events,had our opinions.i know you all must have already blogged about it or tweeted it! I kept a tab on my urges and waited till this day to unleash the surge of emotions inside me.


West Bengal goes to polls.Elections in this state are special.For 34 long years we have not seen any change in power equations here and kind of reconciled to the misdeeds of the inept government ruling us. But since 2007 the protesting voices got a platform. Under the leadership of Mamata Bannerjee people again started believing that change of guard at the Writers’ Building is not a “aleek kolpona”. Specially the startling victory of the TMC-Congress alliance in the parliamentary elections last year rekindled hopes in people that yes the red citadel can be breached too. But sadly the alliance fell flat this year for the municipal polls. No seat sharing formula could be agreed upon. Both parties allege and accuse each other of breaking the alliance. And in all this confusion somewhere i feel the voices of dissent are lost! For us those who wanted the CPI(M) to go at any cost feel cheated. Not by Congress,neither by TMC. But by petty politics. Mamata who emerged as a public leader in the period 2006-2009 has now transformed into the party supremo of TMC. Congress has no hopes beyond Malda,Murshidabad and Jalpaiguri. So, shall we have to suffer for five more years because the opposition could not be united? Time will tell. The silver lining is TMC is emerging as a single largest party in Bengal. But this trend is also dangerous. Because we are already witnessing the  CPIM-isation of TMC.


Another major tragedy that occurred in the last week was the naxal attack on civilians in Dantewada. I always failed to understand these men, How can some people justify murder and carnage in the name of class struggle? A life lost is a shame for humanity. But does that mean we launch an out and out offensive on the red militants? I guess that will be more of a bane than boon! The reds know their jungle better than the army. And we all know “rajai rajai juddho hoi ulu khagrar pran jai (in a battle of kings the commoners lose)”. The root cause of the rise in Naxal power has been their support base in the tribals. Abject poverty forced the first rebellion in Naxalbari (although the ideology is lost now). The shitty conditions that the tribals live in should make us hang our heads in shame,but we hardly care. Our indifference adds to their anger against us and sympathies for naxals. Had the naxals adopted a non violent method of protest they would have found their first supporter in me but alas i do not believe bullets can win battles. Even if they are truly fighting the cause of tribals,their resort to violence trivializes the issue. The Maoists should first come into the folds of democracy and work for strengthening India and not wrecking it from within. As of now a consensus should first be built among parties to tackle them. It is not the responsibility of only the government to contain the menace. The civil society should extend its support instead of engaging in criticism of the government.


This is a follow up of my post in the past 26/11 Past and Future When that post was published Kasab was merely found guilty and not sentenced, we all know what happened next.And all those follow me(@Aagan86) on twitter know very well what my take is on the verdict. Kasab is a criminal par excellence. And deserves the harshest punishment. But that punishment is not death. I have always made it clear that the state has no authority to take life. Even in the rarest of rare crimes the life of the perpetrator should be spared. Kasab will never show remorse. But killing him would not bring any change in any Indian’s life except satisfy that animal within us that seeks revenge. Rather keeping him alive and making him to undergo hard labour(the money of which could be spent in memory of the martyrs of 26/11) would have been a much better idea. Moreover death for someone who had come to India wishilng to die is a mockery of death sentence itself. And if someone really believes this will deter the LeT from sending more terrorists to India,please go get your sanity checked. Apart from that what really disturbed me were the visuals of the mass celebrations on the streets on India. While the victims wept on TV screens in news studios,the mob celebrated the verdict in diwali spirit! Had Gandhi been alive today he would have died his second death.


Gurudev as we call him lovingly,Robi Thakur would have been 149 years old had he been living today. We are in a lucky era. Rabindra Sardho Satoborsho has begun. Celebrations galore everywhere. Words fail to describe the respect and adoration i have for this man. I take inspiration from him in my life. His works(whatever little i have read thus far) have shaped my ideals. Gandhi and Tagore have always been the two pillars of my ideologies. In fact as i write this blog i am listening to “Tomaro Ashime”. Songs,poems,novels,short stories,plays…..what has he not written? He even made paintings out of the words he struck off while writing something new!!! Less said about him the better. His works are a heritage that resides in our hearts and never will any Kalapahar be able to destroy them!(i think its the kalapahar…..if i am wrong feel free to rectify my mistake).

I will not stretch the post further. Its already too long! I myself don’t like reading long posts 🙂 So more in my next update!

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  1. Time bounds and mood defies, else lot to counter. Since there is emotional maturity your blog possesses, I would go strait. There can’t b ifs n buts when one thinks or write about political issue, especially in personal blogs. In naxal issue, there are lots of ifs n buts. Very much understood, not being in direct line of fire or in touch with that very line, it is impossible to understand the pain of those people who were killed by naxals. They r bunch of gundaz, they neither r serving the purpose of tribes, nor on humanitarian ground they r deprived. Better to buy wheat then gun. In any case though you don’t believe state has no right to take life, but for any human being, its territorial identity is the final identity. Nation comes 1st, n for that cause if naxals or kasabs need to die. State must not wait for a second to kill them in public. Tagore point was nicely illustrated. That was bliss to read. Ideology looks good in books. In real time world ideology stands nowhere. Even in your case, when u will jump in this ocean, u will realize that if I want to manage ma meal, got to snatch some else's. Especially in politics n diplomacy, there is no space for idealism or emotions. Its complete ruthless game of power n only those survive n rule who know art of killing. Wish u express n adapt to literal conceptualizations n not the theoretical one to write more beauties such like this.


  2. The article didn't feel long at all…thanks to the proper division and captioning. My favorite one was Tagore's for obvious reasons. Keep writing.


  3. @ashik Did my piece on Naxals look like i shared sympathies with them? NO never! i just made a point that in the counter offensive innocent tribal lives should not be lost! that is all 🙂 And yeah i need to conform to the ways the world runs!Ideals have no placxe in this world.Wish they had!@shakti :)))


  4. thenewdimension

    Nice post! Don't want to talk on Kasab verdict as we had enough discussions on that. I am happy with my view and you too are happy with yours. On Naxal solution, there is only 1 way left i.e. the use of power. development can never be achieved where the left extremists have virtually sieged the power from the govt. 1st we have to remove them from districts where they rule. Developmental way can be implemented in other districts.On Mamata and TMC, the problem lies in TMC being a one person party. Make no mistake, Mamta has no liking for Congress. Remember, she had formed TMC after leaving Congress as she felt that she could be a better alternative for Left than Congress. She aligned with the NDA and as she knew BJP can never help her in WB, out of political compulsions, she joined hands with Congress. Till now no other face in TMC has come up except Mamta and that makes her rigid. But some 1 must reminde her that “Arrogance diminishes wisdom”


  5. @dibya about the issue of development i suggest that u read swaminathan iyer's article in TOI and how AP used development to rid the state of Maoists! i am not against using power!but casualties should not be civilians! about Mamata u r right!she is eyeing only power.nothing else.but she did not leave congress because she wanted to emerge as anti CPM.she wanted PCC chief post which she did not get and had differences with Somen Mitra!Irony is somen mitra is now working under her!!!


  6. thenewdimension

    Regarding Mamta's leaving congress, what i said was my inference. I feel she is the only one in Bengal power circles who really wants the ouster of the left govt. Not even the congress is whole heartedly in support of anti-left revolution. May be central politics is one reason for that.


  7. @dibya partky true yes….i want mamata to be CM but i dont want TMC to have absolute majority!that would create another CPM signs of which are already apparent


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