Beauty transcends time. It lies in the eyes of the beholder. For a long time now i wished to share with you my idea of beauty. No not men. beauty for me lies with women. Nature created them with the greatest care, and have blessed womanhood with the greatest power ever know : charm. But i must confess my idea of beauty presented in this post is purely platonic. Come let us celebrate womanhood. The Shakti, the divine feminine! Five women who i think define the word woman.

Suchitra Sen

She has a certain elegance in her which every woman should envy. Her persona is well known. A magnificent actor (although not my favourite) Suchitra Sen defines the term woman of substance.

I chose this pic of her from Debi Choudhurani because according to me Prafulla herself is a definition of what a woman is. Prafulla is my favourite character from bengali literature,a very strong person. Matches my idea of Suchitra Sen.

Konkona Sen Sharma

Everyone who knows me knows how much i like her. She is the perfect modern age girl. She is an actor for all seasons. And just look at her face,it speaks volumes!!! She has her mother’s face but a world of her own. She belongs to a different league when it comes to beauty. She epitomises beauty. I likd her look in Dosar and Mr and Mrs. Iyer the most. Also Titli. That film had a buoyant Konkona.

Nandita Das 

If you are looking for piety in looks she is your girl. The very look of her make you feel you have seen the divine. She is a thinking man’s muse. Till date her public life has shown to the world that she lives her life own her own terms and no one mess with her! For me she epitomises knowledge.

Soha Ali Khan

She is the most unconventional choice by far. She has this magical charm that acts like a chemo-attractant. Yes she was given the face of the Goddess in Antarmahal and that defines her beauty. She is Lakshmi for me.

Vidya Balan

Those who have seen her have said she looks exactly like Madhabi Mukherjee in her yester-years. Yes they are right. The uncanny resemblance is mind blowing. Vidya for me is Saraswati. Pure. Without any flaw. She truly has a heavenly face. And she looked her best in Bhalo theko and Parineeta,so i chose to share a clip from Bhalo Theko

Do let me know who you think is beautiful according to you. And if you happen to like my choices please share your views about these women.

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Subham Dasgupta

    i differ about suchitra sen..but thats my personal opinion…but the others are apt…but though definitely if vidya balan finds her way into the list, madhavi also should… i just hope vidya balan does not totally ruin her beautiful image the way she started doing…but amongst all, i find konkona the most beautiful


  2. @bham suchitra k rekhechi only because of her prafulla like charm! woman of substance! 🙂 Vidya and madhabi were kept together….didnt u see the pic? 🙂 and there is obviously no doubt that Konkona is the most beautiful 🙂 Infact souvick just said that sohar cheye sharmila better…i could not agree more! sharmila in debi!


  3. Souvick Mazumder

    Nicely written.. 'Beauty' is such a characteristic what creates the difference..! it can't be put into words… but good job done.. 🙂 [P.S-Only i prefer Sharmila Tagore more than Soha for those 5..!!]


  4. Pahli 2 ko chhod ke Baki ki tin me interest he 😛 Well I m thoroughly agree with 1st Para of the blog….Rest is diff of opinion.


  5. Subham Dasgupta

    to be truthful, I like sharmila in the pre-aradhana phase…devi, apur sangsar, etc. she was sweet in aradhana..but in films after that i find her a little artificial…maybe due to that glamour…soha i find completely natural in each of her films…thats y as of now, i prefer soha. ps. by pre aradhana phase films, i meant bengali films…


  6. I ❤ konkona, baki sabhi ko mera pranam….. 😉 Good Job Aagan Bhai… 🙂


  7. madscribbler

    nice job. beautiful. I vote for Konkona Sen Sharma. And Aparna Sen she is also lovely. I am from south and my favorite is sreedevi. Seen her? hava havaein!!


  8. lost_scotoma

    I don't find Soha that much of a beauty.. I totally find every other mentioned ladies not only beautiful but talented too… good choice!


  9. Liked ur first para,, and liked these beauties seen from a bong`s vision 😛 I dont know first lady,, I like konkonaa …for her tallent too! I dont find sohaa much beautiful. LOVED to seee vidyaa in pariNeetaa ! infact i loved whole movie 🙂 everything in it ! nanditaa daass i know just for one film,, water.ehich i havent seen (was not alllowed to see by shivsenaa lol) so can comment. from what u wrote,, seems she is popular there. i thought she retired… lol are 5 women over? yes i think…bye !im_adi


  10. Aditya Nandode

    Hey! i am disappointed in ur list, it does not include Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, MoonMoon Sen! They r beautiful too!


  11. The list perfectly shows that you are an aantel, you can never be full-grown up intellectual. You only want to project yourself in such a way that makes you look like an aantel. Your inner self shows up through these confused choices-Suchitra, Madhabi, Nandita. How can they come up together? I think your list doesn’t have Koel Mullick or Parveen Babi (random names that came at that instant) just because other aantels do not find them intellectual enough or because they haven’t done art films. You all pseudo-intelligentsia should be slaughtered in public; then people will learn the lesson that not everybody has the right to comment on everything; intellectuals cannot just mushroom up at every household.


  12. My list for the top three:-
    1) Suchitra Sen
    2) Madhabi Mukherjee
    3) Vidya Balan

    (You should correct one thing, Suchitra Sen’s pic is fron Devdas (1955)


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