Sands of Time

Time. The most valuable asset in the world. One who can conquer time can rule the world. Even the great physicist Albert Einstein had called time the fourth dimension. A deed once done cannot be undone. An arrow that leaves the bow can never come back to the quiver. A word once spoken can never be erased off. But what if these could be done? What if we could turn the wheels of time and change the past?

The movie Prince of Persia : Sands of Time revolves around a device that could control time. Which if possessed could make you the king of the world. Based loosely on a video game of the same name, the film chronicles the events in the life of Dustan (played by Jake Gyllenhal) a street urchin adopted by the Sultan of Persia. The king’s brother Nizam ( Sir Ben Kingsley) wants to possess the dagger that can control time and fools his nephews into believing that the Holy City of Alimut is in possession of weapons,which could prove useful for Persia. It is in Alimut that the dagger is safely hidden and protected by a clan, the princess ( Gemma Arterton) of which is entrusted to protect it irrespective of consequences. Once victorious, destiny placed the dagger in Dustan’s hands. Events unfold, time takes its own course. Dustan turns villain in the eyes of his brothers and is charged with murder of their father. He is forced to flee Persia. Together with Princess Temina he must protect the dagger from the evil hands of Nizam.

There are many subplots in the film. The Slave clan for example. The knife thrower with conscience (who proves to be a martyr in the end), Sheikh Amar who helps him in his quest, The Hassasin who is entrusted with the task of killing Dustan and retrieving the dagger.

The main reason why i liked the film  is its visual appeal. The scenes were marvelously shot, the use of light was precise. The scenes would have looked even better in 3D 🙂 The actors were really good (although i felt the female lead was a bad choice). Jake in his superhero avatar is spell binding. You cannot help but like him in the movie. As with all Hollywood period dramas there were the cliches. You can ignore them. You can just watch the movie and feel you are actually playing the game.

I must confess here that i had not expected the film to end as it did. I thought it would be one tragic ending with a scope for sequel. But the director had other plans ( although the window for a sequel is still open).

But what this film means is more than what the story is! It is not just the story of a prince. It tells us that our lives are what destiny wishes them to be! We shape our future by our present actions. We shape our destiny. Time is a precious weapon. If it is misused, it can doom our lives. So we should just keep cruising through the sands of time!

P.S. I would rate the movie as Good (3/5) and worth the money.

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  1. Gaurav Sharma

    Only 3 o/o 5. Come on, Sir.Even after this accident, I'm going POP. I bet, its worth 3+.


  2. siddharth chakraborty

    hmm i have to watch this movie !!


  3. lost_scotoma

    I couldn't read more the first para… coz i started getting the idea where this article was going… and i don't want to spoil watching this movie which i haven't seen yet…but 3/5 is a bit less considering what newspapers r heaping on it! 😛


  4. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    I would give it a 4 /5.its a visual treat ad a must watch for anyone who has played the game.The plot is identical!!


  5. i think the reason why i rated the movie 3/5 is very clear….as a film it is nothing marvellous!its just the video game experience that u re live! that doesnt make a good film!


  6. Aditya Nandode

    Hmmmm………….can anyone give me free pass or downloaded version? I am deeply out of my budget, and ur points make me feel- must see!


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