Vibrant Calcutta

The people of Kolkata have put their faith in Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress and given her a mandate that even her detractors cannot trivialise. Out of 141 wards in Kolkata Municipal Corporation, 95 have been won by TMC candidates.

With great power comes great responsibility. Mamata Banerjee has a tough job laid out in front of her. She wishes to adorn the chair of the Chief Minister of Bengal. That seems quite attainable under present political scenario in Bengal. But the Communist Party never gives up. Bengal is at a junction which could take us either back by light years or herald the beginning of a new era.

During the last five years, the performance of the KMC has been below average. Condition of roads deteriorated, trees were felled indiscriminately, ponds were handed over to private real estate agents, a little spell of rain caused havoc on the roads.

Expectations are sky high. A lot needs to be done. Say for example roads. Most roads are in a sorry state. After every monsoon huge potholes stare at us. At many intersections no proper traffic management system exists.

A major threat facing this city is the loss of green cover. The Times Of India has reported today that the city’s greenery has been reduced to 5% while for a metro it should be at least 15%. Its an alarming situation. Trees are felled at places to make roadside temples, hoardings are indiscriminately put up on trees, branches are pruned according to convenience. KMC did nothing to check that. At least they should plant some trees in exchange of the ones that are sacrificed.

stephen courtThe Stephen’s Court Blaze pointed out how vulnerable some buildings in Calcutta are. It is KMC’s duty to inspect the old buildings susceptible to fire disasters and take proper actions to prevent the same. Nandalal Market is one such case (our CM has assured of demolition of the market).

These are a few of the civic amenities that people expect from the Municipal authorities. Issues like garbage disposal, street lights, illegal encroachment of  pavements by emigrants, supply of sufficient drinking water are some of the other pressing issues.

The biggest problem in Kolkata at the moment is drainage. A project to modernise the underground drainage system had been undertaken by the previous regime and i hope the work continues. We do not want to relive the horrors of July 2006,2007 and 2008. During the monsoons my home turns into an island. In fact the worst affected are the posh areas like Mandevilla Gardens, Camac Street, Ballygunj phari etc. Let us not talk of North Calcutta at all. This should be the chief focus of the new Board.

And above all we need accountability. The Councillors should not ignore the people who voted them to power.

I wish to see a vibrant Kolkata five years down the line (no i don’t want Kolkata to be the next London’ we can do much better).

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  1. Prerna Munshi

    "Drainage" is a big time problem for Kolkata. I agree . I have had an experience of the poor drainage during a deluge in Kolkata 😀 (Don't want to recollect it) Nice article! :):)


  2. thanx 🙂


  3. Dibyendu Paul

    Well we have a loads of expectation for the betterment of kolkata. and that include the proper drainage along wid the proper traffic distribution.. some of the prts of kol are as badly distributed that it cannot be modified much but we need a bit rational planning of the roads which can atleast save ppl from the screwing jams and political parties should stop heading their rallies throughout the roads during busy hours.. :(( :O


  4. Somnath Paul

    Change.. Is good,bt lets nt over expect,then like relations,it will go down the drains. To clean up mess,u should give the change atleast 10yrs.


  5. Aditya Nandode

    U r expecting Mamta to do forced eviction! Rofl! Other thing are achievable!


  6. Subham Dasgupta

    firstly,great new look, though ur legend " anything and everything", and ur link "post a comment" are barely visible…so work on that, matesecondly, u pointed out that kmc is cutting trees and not planting any. well, the point is, even if they are planting (they are supposed to do so), they are doing it at a place far away..for instance, wots the use of cutting a tree at exide crossing, and afforesting at bypass in exchange? the whole point of afforestation in exchange of deforestation becomes useless in the process.secondly…drainage is a problem, true, and the municipality really need to work out on that, because, kolkata's drainage system is still the one built by the british and is almost a century and a half old. the waste has increased manyfolds, and the waste nature has undergone a lot of change..that has to be kept in mind. morever, there is a tendency to divert waste towards the ganges…it must be kept in mind that the general slope of kolkata is not towards ganges, but AWAy from towards the Eastern Bypass, and the East Calcutta Wetlands, and ultimately to river Bidyadhari (and hence, adi ganga flows from the ganga to bidyadhari, and not the other way to the sewage canals u see around bypass). Hence, u need to keep these things in mind. sadly, these geological aspects are never considered while planning a project. and hence, all the drainage disaster…if the drains are designed against the slope, then how do u expect that the water will drain away?These changes are not a matter of a few months, or even a few years, but a lot of years…so, for the betterment of Kolkata, u need to rise above the "amra ora" politics, and work in synchronization.


  7. siddharth chakraborty

    I don't expect anything from these political parties. They are all the same ..


  8. With all my respect to Didi n communist party members, I want to say… "Ache CALCUTTA, KOLKATAT-ei amar sohor…." I love this city n will loe KOLKATA till the last breatth…


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