Mahabharata revisited

We have all seen Meet The Spartans, Epic Movies, Superhero Movie, and above all Scary Movies. Spoofs on previously made films are common practice in Hollywood. In India MTV too tried its hand in spoofs and were quite successful too. So why should Physiopals be left behind? We too have a right to spoof!

The idea of recreating Mahabharata struck me after i watched Rajneeti (we were planning to make Ravanayan which got shelved). I passed on the idea to Bham who immediately started working on it. And on 25 June at Sayan’s house we did our shoot.

The story is simple so far. But the complexity arose when Bham expressed his desire of me reviewing his film “Mahabharata”. Being a part of the cast and creative team, how can someone criticise his own production? But then isn’t self criticism an intellectual pursuit?

So i adorn the thinking cap and start jotting down what i felt after watching the movie.

The plot is pretty simple. Arjun wins Draupadi in a competition (height of chauvisnism, how can someone “win” women” ?) and is forced to “share” her with his brothers to respect his mother’s wishes. But Lusty Duryodhan had his eyes on Draupadi and a bloody tale of love, deceit, and violence ensues.

The narrative is in bits and pieces, the plot is left to the audience to guess because due to shortage of time all scenes could not be shot. But whatever scenes were picturised, were edited well to present a clear picture of the epic.

Sound recording was not up to the mark and you need to strain your ears to find out what the characters are saying. There is a plethora of background score which fills the lacunae left over by the lack of dialogues. The voice over for Arjun did not match the character and added to the fun.

In the department of acting, everyone was superb. Melodrama knew no bounds. Linz was restrained in her performance though. Uttam with his special appearance as Dhritarashtra was a show stealer along with Sakshi as Kunti. Agnivo’s portrayal of effeminate Yudhisthir was obnoxious and insulting but not bad as comic relief. Ritu as Gandhari deserves special mention too. And the “cheer haran” scene was hilarious. Sumitash’s expressions were perfect.

Overall it was fun shooting the film and watching the way it turned out under Bham’s talented nurturing.

i rate it 2.5/5 Not one of Bham’s best works but not bad either.

P.S. i tried to attach the video but its 230mb…so here i attach the trailor

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  1. I want a copy of it. Wanna c the effeminate yudhishtir


  2. well..the entry of yudhisthir was one of the most perfect shots i ever shot!! 😛 u forgot krrish, neelu!!stupid!Bham.


  3. Bhulini to…..Krish er ki likhbo….haw haw!!! r ye hya neelanjan…ahem….or oi war scene! hehe! @bham@sukhi meet me to get it 😛


  4. trailer seems dat we r up 4 sumthng bigr dan meet d spartans… thow i wl meet carmen electra…duryo-'dhon'


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