Kashmir must live on…

Kashmir has been a bone of contention for two nations since they were created 63 years ago. Kashmir, has become just another pawn in the game of politics. Once termed “paradise on earth” by a poet, Kashmir has turned into a living hell for those who inhabit that part of the world. Forces, both military and militant have raped the land and left her bleeding to die. And no one is here to talk about Kashmir. About Kashmiris.

Rahul Dholakia’s film on the problems facing the state of Kashmir is not extra ordinary. It does not boast of cinematic excellence. It is a work of fiction where true stories stare you at the face. In Parzania, Dholakia had skirted all controversies and highlighted the trauma of a mother who had lost her child in the 2002 riots. The humane touch remains in Lamhaa because Kashmir has seen more devastation,bloodshed and destruction than any other state in India.
Forces working outside India had been operating since 1989 to destabilise Kashmir and plunge it into anarchy so that they can rinse the state off all all it’s resources. The Indian armed forces and political bodies added to the misery of the people and fished in troubled waters. 
In November 2008 Kolkata had witnessed mini riots over a remark by a writer against a particular religion, and curfew was imposed on parts of the city. Media was furious at the plight of how rightful citizens of the city have to take permission from paramilitary forces to venture out of their homes. And look at the hapless Kashmiris who are doing it for 20 years. They are not safe even inside their homes. They either fall to the bullets of the militants or the military. 
The system fools people with the carrot of “Azaadi” and they follow these selfish greedy men in the path of self destruction. In the name of Religion, in the name of Jihad, in the name of “Kashmiriyat”.
The only hope can be the free thinking youth. The liberal youth, who have a mind of their won. Cheated by India and Pakistan both, Kashmir must live on….
P.S. 1. Direction of photography could have been better (Kashmir is a BEAUTIFUL place and i wish to visit it at least once before i die or better die in the valleys of Kashmir)
2. The plot was predictable and direction was average. Acting was precisely perfect. Crisp Narrative. The sense of optimism and the sympathy for the characters keep you hooked to the film. And if you are an emotional person like me you might even shed a tear in the scene where the widow meets the Superintendent of Police.
3. This is more than a review. I have expressed my views on Kashmir. Not diplomatic, not political, direct from the heart. Hope it touches a chord. 
Rating : 3.5/5 from my side. I am being generous. Everyone must watch it to feel the pain and anguish of the people. Passing judgement sitting in the safe havens of our homes, terming stone pelters anti-national, terrorist is easy, living in their situations for 20 years is not. 

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  1. Prerna Munshi

    Quite a review. I liked the Kashmir issue that you have pointed at .


  2. Actually, the review was summed in the last 3 pts. :-PYes, it must b so horrible to live in an atmosphere of fear.


  3. thanx 🙂


  4. Babar wrote abt Kashmir, "If there is heaven on earth, this is it, this is it!”………of that was centuries ago but still the hope is there to revive the thought. Maybe.


  5. Aditya Nandode

    A Hypothetical development(That means: Not true, and I will not carry it out even if I had power.) Suppose we give Kashmir independence, just to broker peace, I would like to see how Pakistan reacts, does it withdraw forces, or goes of capturing it! Do Kashmiris see light of day(as supporters of independence term it) or darkness of being a Muhajir!


  6. if i were to write from the perspective of a kashmiri(although i dont know how much justice i would do) i would say that Azaadi does not mean freedom from the constitution of India. Azaadi does not mean annexing with Pakistan. I know Pakistan,like a vulture, would jump on kashmir if it was set free! Kashmir will then rise again like now to claim what is its right! As of now freedom means freedom from violence,freedom to speak, freedom to express, to read, to live! Freedom of peace


  7. Aditya Nandode

    Hmmmm……..Do read my blog on Kashmir, which I will publish today evening!


  8. thenewdimension

    Kashmir is issue is quite a complex one. The mistake we did is by giving a separate status under article 380. People of Kashmiri who had never wanted to join Indian republic, got alienated from the India. Most of them saw Indian military as their enemy (thanks to constant preaching by cross border actors). The relationship we wanted with Kashmir was never established. We made them outsider. They thought exactly the same. 'They' never became one of 'us'


  9. @new dimension its article 370. And i disagree with you on the part that only cross border elements alienated them from the military! there is no smoke without fire! Military too is responsible for gross human rights violation! using AFSPA they keep harassing common innocent people! that gives ammunition in the hands of the separatists to make an issue out of it! Actually no one wants kashmir issue to be solved! that would make so many players out of work


  10. nice article, keep the posts coming


  11. I’ll have to go back and read all your previous posts now.


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