The real and the "UN"real

There was a scene in 15 Park Avenue where a psychologist was explaining to Shabana Azmi that the term “real” is very relative, What seems real to me might appear as a figment of my imagination to someone else. The distinction between real and the surreal is very difficult. There is a fine line between the two and often their paths seem to cross. Twitter might seem to be the “real” world to me, and why not? I talk,laugh,debate,chat,express my emotions there so easily which i hardly do in the “real” world. But many might not agree. That is a separate debate.

Dreams. The subconscious mind. An interesting topic of research, isn’t it interesting that we use just 10% of our brain’s area while we are “active” and awake while a vast portion of brain is actually active while we are asleep? Sleep research kindled an interest in me when i did my summer training on a topic related to sleep and memory. But that is not the point. Dreams, until today have been the most challenging phenomena in the human physiology,which sadly no scientist has been successful in explaining.

What would happen if we could conquer someone’s mind? Plant an idea into his sub conscious brain? Make the distinction of the real and surreal blurred for him? “What if”……that is a million dollar question. But are real things “really real” ? Is it all not a dream from which we all would wake up one day and carry on with our lives?

Until noon today the definition of a perfect film for me was Rituparno Ghosh’s Abahaman. Not any more. Film making has scaled new heights with Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The film is an example of how the weirdest of ideas can be presented on screen with firm conviction,as if it were real. Wait. Who said it isn’t? Salutes to Nolan for thinking different, for understanding the human psyche so well. Thank you sir for gifting us this film which is Perfect. Photography,Screenplay,Acting,Background Score…..all PERFECT.

Need i say more? Don’t waste your time reading my blog. Go watch the film.

Rating : Duh…..what do you expect? Its a 5 out of 5.

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  1. Good one yaar! I'm looking forward to this Nolan masterpiece, like they say.


  2. Sayan Mullick Chowdhury

    Not sure whether I really saw 'inception' or I was incepted into believing that I watched 'inception'


  3. @shakti definite must tickets now! :P@sayan yeaaaah! same here! i was in a confusion whether i am real or not


  4. The dreams are no longer our own dreams 🙂 .. this is truly amazing movie.. Nolan is surely master


  5. @nabeel truly amazing….i came out of the hall confused….what was it i just saw!!!


  6. Aditya Nandode

    So who is taking me for this treat :p would have to go alone!


  7. @aditya awwwww come to kolkata 😛


  8. Parmesh Rudra Joshi

    Written Real.:) I Am Realizing The Idea. :))


  9. @rudra hugs 😛 Keep doing…zaroorat padhi to awaaz dena 😛


  10. Claps for Nolan, thenga for u… 😛 keep Writing bhai 🙂


  11. Prerna Munshi

    Amazing! :):)


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