I wish i was a child again

“Give me Some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance to grow up once again”

These lines became the anthem of the youth in India after a certain film touched hearts of the audience. But is that the reason i am writing my blog today? No. I wish i was a child again. Because being a child in India is the most advantageous job in the world. “The child” is soon going to replace the deity in the temple of worship. (S)he is the most pampered object in the nation right now (other than the fat pockets of the babus).

Disciplining a child has always involved a certain degree of physical punishment. We were kids too, and have been through that phase. A slap on the cheek or that occasional cane never dithered us from our daily activities. And parents chiding remarks filled our life from dawn to dusk. Having grown up in a BIG joint family, the spectrum of guardians was never limited to parents for me. In contrast, it was much expected from our Uncles and Aunties to bring us to book in case we committed any crime (which would range from stealing guavas, to breaking window panes etc). Even neighbours had the liberty to discipline us in their own ways. But social structure has changed now. Nuclear families are the order of the day. Lack of quality time spent with the child has made parents much more protective about their wards. Compensating their lack of availability by giving in to every demand the child makes, they are just ruining the kids’ future. The world for the child has become extremely small and revolves only around him/herself now. Moreover, the government is mulling a law to ban caning of children by parents too. So it is invariably expected that the emperor of their own sweet paradise, when attacked by aliens (read teachers, neighbours or even parents) they refuse to bow down to the invasion. And when they are unable to protect their subjects, they choose to end their lives rather than acknowledging defeat.

All those of us are now in college, or established in some company, can we put our hands on our hearts and say teachers never caned us? We were never made to kneel down, run around the field for not doing our homework? Did we have a problem with that? Being punished was like an honour in school. The more you irked the teacher, the bigger your fan base became. Even parents did not bother much about what’s going on between me and my teacher in school. Neither was there a cameraman with a journalist making rounds outside the gates waiting to pounce upon the first kid they could lay their hands on for a byte on their teachers. Teachers, for me were like my parents. They had every right to hit me if i was involved in any mischief. Today parents are so blinded by their love for their kid, they refuse to accept that their child could be wrong too.

But then there are some teachers who epitomise the on screen Mogambo or Shakaal.Vindictive as they are, they do not want reasons to autograph the child’s cheek with their palm-print. But these men are much less in number. Like one rotten fish spoils the pond, they are earning teachers a bad name.

Suicide is never a solution. It is just accepting defeat in the war of life. Children are not mature enough to make such harsh decisions. But the environment they are living in right now, has made them pseudo-mature. They are caught between a world of the adults and the innocent world of childhood and are finding it difficult to choose which one is the one for them. The unavailability of their parents (and for that matter any guardian) as well as diminished powers of the teachers are prompting them to go astray.

 So, to cane or not to cane is THE question, i would vote for the former. But the teachers must exercise caution before yielding the cane.

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  1. Parmesh Rudra Joshi

    You Have Drawn Up The True Picture. With All Its Colors. Dark As Well Bright. One Of The Best Things I Read In A Long While. Let The Kid Grow With All. Let Him Discover The Beauties Of Concerned Punishment. Don't Make Him Machine Of Pampering For Pseudo Perfectionism Of A Busy Parenting.


  2. thanx rudra :))) i really hope parents dont ruin the life of children by over-protecting them!


  3. Aditya Nandode

    Well, lets say the excess is the trouble, but in an emotion, one may never know, when would one cross the limit!


  4. @aditya yeah,agreed. But then again i would say this is more of a lifestyle disorder than a psychological problem


  5. It's the society that is undergoing change. Every society undergoes change.. We must accept that.Sure, there'll be a rotten apple, a rotten fish. They were and will be in every society that will be formed 🙂 How can u know the value of good if there's no bad, right?I guess it's just accepting the change, and living with it.


  6. Subham Dasgupta

    I agree completely. I think the methods of teaching at young ages should depend on the teachers- we might abolish caning to prevent physical abuse, but that again means advocating a wrong doing…maybe he will be happy today that he has not been punished, but the society will not be a happy place tomorrow, coz he had received the password to the rightness of wrong doing, at a very young age. Hence, without any extreme physical torture, I think an occasional slap or caning is important..i might lead to self realization of mistakes…the only other option is a verbal insult, which might create a much deeper scar…for eg, I would prefer a slap and a cry any day than having to hear " u are the worse in class, u dont do anything in life…look at the others..ur parents havent taught u anything, they are ignorant..etc etc". And yeah, being a single child to working parents, I do understand the necessity of proper guidance in the youth. In such cases, whereas the parents spend maybe 3-4 effective hours with their own child, the schoolmates and teachers have the longest time access to the students, and hence can understand and infer about them with much more efficiency. Hence, they should be allowed to play a massive role in shaping a student's life/career.


  7. @laafatlife i am not denying the change! but we must not let the future of our future generation be dark! children need a hollistic growth! which they are not getting


  8. @bham hmmm…we spend 6 hours of our waking hours in school.a major part, teachers are our guardians during those hours we spend in school.


  9. Subham Dasgupta

    yeah..but again todays teachers are pretty indifferent to the student's growing up…all they care is whether his/her marksheets are filled with 90s. The camaraderie that existed b/w a teacher and a student even when our parents were students, is lost…True I got one such caring teacher finally during my MScs, but look at people like CM…. I think the teacher student relationship needs a boost everywhere.


  10. @bham good point! it depends on the mentality of teacher also! education is all about all round development but fast paced life now a days has shifted the focus!


  11. Aditya Nandode

    My teachers understood individuals physical and Mental limitations, they knew conditions at each students home and even set different limits for different students, they called up parents, consoled them about our improvements and always talked positive of each student, and criticized with gradual solution at hand. Punishment was handed out in limits and that to after certain warning. I found this missing in my brothers schooling, and even more so in my cousins schooling right now.


  12. you are a child and a child forever…your wish is fulfilled! Never allow the child in you die. The moment the child dies..well what is the meaning of life?


  13. Subham Dasgupta

    @ aditya…lucky u!


  14. @aditya like i said….changing times, fast life,and changing attitudes, all are to blame@cgbalu yes the child inside us should never die


  15. I thought the screening of the movie today evening may have inspired you, but the content was really different and has an apt applicability in today's fast paced life. Unfortunately the increase in purchasing power of busy parents compel them to shower everything that money can buy except LOVE. This has a cascading effect on the overall mental and physical health of a child. He starts living in a trigger happy type environment(not literally), but that of demands being met by parents at the first thought that triggers in a child's mind. He starts living with a pseudo aura around where everything appears with a flash of magic whip. The first place he realises that this doesn't works is when the result of kindergarten is announced at a PTM. Here if parents make the same mistake the child is doomed and we see these happening around us. This is just one of the reasons.


  16. siddharth chakraborty

    Today's kid are more smarter than we were used to be .. They know & understand things which they are not supposed to understand at there ages. Some may say its good but that's not normal isn't it ? Kids should be like innocent & sweet. Today i read an article in newspaper about a Class 3 kid committing suicide just bcoz he was denied of being given Rs 5. to buy kites !! Now how do u tackle such sensitive kids ?? How the idea of committing suicide at such a tender age came in his mind ?? And I don't think so that child was over pampered as he comes from a low class family .. Maybe nowadays parents are not able to guide properly there child through there early ages , maybe they are more busy with there life ..


  17. @sid exactly yaaar. i talked about a urban middle class problem and you shared a lower class example. But the issue remains the same. Parenting needs to be checked. And we need to understand the kids better.


  18. Subham Dasgupta

    its more about the media …a child of class 3 can commit suicide only if he is introduced to an idea of ending life by consuming pesticides/hanging himself…and the newspapers and the Tv overplay these stuff (its all about TRPs). Hence, when a child is denied a rs 5, he'l like…"y wont I? lets teach my parents a lesson"..and their mode of teaching a lesson is doing something they learnt from elsewhere. the role of the parents is to make her child understand what is good and what is bad…true, they lack that guidance, but added to that, the world of the bads is exposed all the more to them. morever, from our childhood itself, a sense of competition and hostility have been inculcated in us …. u HAVE to do better than him/dont give him notes/ dont make friendship with him or he'l exploit u/ dont mix with him coz he's a second divisioner. these ideas, groomed at a very tender age, tend to have dire consequences, as the child does not have the maturity to distinguish between do's and dont's.


  19. Very socialistic post….


  20. i rmbr certain times in my skul lyf wen studnts desrvd 2 b caned, and caned hard. nw caning is 2 b canned. God help 2 poor tchrs… may b dats y der r so mny vacancies in tchr posts al ovr d country.the idea is nw shiftng 4m "spare d rod n spoil d child" 2 "spoil d rod n oil d child"!sumitash


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