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I hope Barkha Dutt and NDTV will not sue me for borrowing the name of their show. But i could not come up with any better title for my post. This is the review of Peepli Live, a latest film from Aamir Khan Production House.

Directed by Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live chronicles the life of Nattha, a resident of Peepli village in Mukhya Pradesh. Driven by debt, he is forced to sell his land to the “Bank”. As a last resort to save his ancestral property, he “decides” to commit suicide. The events that follow change their lives forever.

Urban India has never understood the pain and miseries of the rural population. Despite being a majority in numbers, rural masses have always been the sufferers whereas the fruit of development has been shared by the rich few. RabindraNath Tagore had once written that a section of the society toils for us, makes sure we live in luxury, and in the process their sacrifices are lost in the pages of history,just like the darkness underneath the lamp.

Peepli live is like a mirror, it does not try to preach, it just shows us where India stands. The film is somewhat like Jaane Bhi Do yaaron. set in rural India. The system will thrive, it will move on, only a few names will be lost in history and no one will ever ask about them.

The screenplay and hard hitting dialogues make the film a treat to watch. The music is an icing on the cake. Every scene comes alive with the flawless and natural performance by The Yadav brothers. the bed ridden Amma or “Hori Mahato”. Rajpal Yadav hardly has any dialogue but his poignant silence and the cacophony surrounding him gives imagery a new meaning.

Peepli Live is a movie which does not boast of a glamorous star cast. It does not have chartbuster songs, neither does it have over the top melodrama and action. Simplicity is its USP. Someone showed the conviction to showcase the real India and Rizvi should be lauded for that.

Peepli Live is a cinematic experience of its own kind. unmatched, hard hitting yet not serious. While leaving the theater you are sure to emerge with a tinge of guilt in your heart. And if you don’t,i am sorry, India will lose an Indian.

I would go for a rating of 4.5/5 for Peepli Live. After a long time, i can say yes i had a “Paisa Vasool” time.

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  1. This article is like a verbal Déjà vu for me. You’ve said exactly the same thing i would.

    4.5/5.0 from me too. Go for it.


  2. wow am impressed right where it has to be kicked you did 😀


  3. Yeah guessed it, going to watch tomorrow !


  4. Gud, then i will be downlading it asap 😛


  5. Yippppi 4.5/5 rating that’s gr8 🙂 Aamir rocks 🙂 our country rocks 🙂 and now you rocks


  6. To Nattha Jaan diya ki nahi diya ?? 😀


  7. I am waiting for the day when Aamir Khan fails in bollywood, the world will come to an end on that day. 🙂


  8. agni…amar sathe chol abar… plzzzzz


  9. I just hope after this movie, Govt agencies do work on this problem. Prices of vegetables, grains etc are rising in the market but this hardly has any impact of farmers life. They still get same old prices for there cultivation. Hope people in urban to realize these facts of people in rural Indian .


  10. Irony of this movie is that the system that it showcases, is showcasing it too! Peepli Live is available on streets already! Piracy lives on too, have not seen it, but by the look of it it seems to be a good satire after a long time!


  11. a film played with loads of hard working actors…
    a must watch movie you can say


  12. I have not seen the movie, the review makes me to watch the movie.


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