Love,life and you.

What is love? I asked you,

You had no answer,

We just looked at the sky.

The stars smiled back.

We were sitting across the sea,

A wave brought home your message.

I sent it back in a ship.

The clouds roared,

I slipped.

The fountain was calling me.

On my way I crossed a river,

I asked it,

Why do you flow?

Only to die in the sea?

The river smiled,

And replied, it is my destiny.

I reached the fountain

Joy filled my heart.

But the fountain was dry.

All the water had joined the river

The sea was their destiny.

I flew with the clouds,

There was a storm

A dance of creation

The sea was celebrating life.

I returned to the shore

Sailed a tiny ship

The waves returned immediately

You were waiting for me.

An eternal wait, An yearning

Absence makes it intense

Love knows no distance

You are with me always.

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

Posted on August 17, 2010, in poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. One of the best poems I have read in recent times. You are an eternal romantic !! :)))


  2. plz reconsider abt printing a poetry book


  3. @bedit thanx 🙂 you are flattering me 🙂
    @ritu when did i rule out printing one in the first place?


  4. u r coming up with such lovely poems each day…


  5. u have the blessings of rabi thakur ! nice poem , like a dream !


  6. Love Is Inability Of Its Expression…….


  7. Lovely. Good work. Keep writing.


  8. tui r topic pas na lekhar jonne…. sei kobe theke ek e bullshit jinis niye likhe jachchis…


  9. loved the dreaminess about this poem .. almost love like !!


  10. you must go for a poetry book…
    this time you are going romantic again…. checked your earlier blogs also.. its nice to read you


  11. Whoa! None would believe me, if I try to convince anyone, after reading this, that you started poetry only this year! Fantastic! As Bedit says “Eternal romantic!”


  12. very romantic…love destiny well answered!


  13. mon ta onnyorokom hoye gelo….khub bhalo likhecho……seriously bolchi expressions are really nice.


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