The spirits that be

I doubt if i can sleep tonight after writing this post. Ghosts and i have an antagonistic relationship. I can never be in peace if they are mentioned. Especially after sunset (actually it does not matter, as long as you utter that word in my presence, be sure i will lose my night’s sleep).

As most of my readers know, my native is in Jalpaiguri and my family is one of the oldest inhabitants of the town. And like every other “bonedi” family, we too have one of those old mansions (replete with legends of the non living beings). And just beside our house, there was a huge playground which housed an old hut (with legends that an old couple died inside the hut). Everytime i had to go from my “daalaan” (building) to the “rannaghar daalaan” (building that was the kitchen at my house) i would be shit scared. And imagine walking past a “belgach” (custard apple tree) at the dead of night! My it gives me goose flesh even now!

I grew up being taunted by my cousins for being a coward. Its in the genes i believe, my father too is a coward. But i enjoy being afraid of ghosts! Whether it was watching Monihara or reading Gosaipur Sargaram (one of the earliest experiences of being afraid of the spirits) i enjoyed the feeling of fearing the unknown. Even today when there’s a power cut, my body becomes stiff due to reflex action.

I am reminded of a small incident which happened when i was in the eighth standard. We had gone for a weekend trip to one of the tea estates owned by our family. The Bungalow was reputed as a haunted house since one of my uncle is rumoured to have committed suicide there. It was one of those colonial wooden bungalows. We stayed in the first floor. It was a rainy evening. A great Adda session was in progress, and to make my worst nightmares true, the discussion digressed to ghosts! A cousin narrated the story of Monihara, enacted the climax when the ghost of Monika comes back to mansion! And he placed his hand on my shoulder to highten the dramatic effect! And the lights went off right at that moment! I let out a shriek which probably whole Nimtijhora tea estate must have heard! I slept between cousins that night but could not bat my eyelids! Lest someone come and place her hand on my shoulders again!

Even last year, when i was at Jalpaiguri for holidays, Ma had gone to my Mamabari for some work and i was all alone in our “daalaan”. And i am so lucky to have such nice friends like Bham and Abhishek, they kept texting me describing in details the world of ghosts! I wish i can get some revenge for that!

The powers that be, i have heard do not bother you until their sojourn is disturbed. I hope our paths never cross in future! And if ever i chance upon some ghosts, wish it is “Bhuter Raja” with three boons!

Lastly thank you Anjan for bringing up this topic, and waking up the writer in me to hit the keypad again

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  1. At last, someone from my circle who believes in ghosts! … interesting read. 🙂


  2. Loved it brother ❤


  3. Some Great Narrating It Is. 🙂 Although I Am Not Much Of A Believer Or Non-Believer For That Matter. 😉 The Passage Is Beautifully Written. Vivid With Details. I Enjoyed It.


  4. Oks.. So this is gona be the story in next Aahat Episode. It may have a bit of twist!
    Nice one 🙂


  5. LoL! Scaredy Cat! :p Ghosts or no Ghost, is it not said that Ghosts are remnant form of living being that get stuck to material world, if they are remnant residue how can they be stronger than us-full living beings?


  6. Ha Ha, loved it! Dunno if you remember but once i had sent you an SMS about ghosts. By the way, can’t say that i don’t fear the ghosts. I do not believe them still sometimes get afraid.


  7. @shakti 😛 😛 😛
    @saikat 🙂 ❤
    @rudra tumhare hote hue ghost kise chahiye 😉
    @chiraag haha thanx for the idea will send the script to Sony
    @aditya LOL never thought this way! may be they have extra human powers 😀
    @CNA training thankiee a ton
    @dibya yeaah i remember 😐 😛 😛 u too scared the shit out of me! that was a good night message!!!!


  8. read late but enjoyed as much !! 🙂


  9. mujhe to bhoot se zyada insaan se darr lagta hai ..


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