Insects : Neo-humans?

I was working on an assignment on Taxonomy today when this idea struck me! Since most insects show a much more sophisticated and well regulated social structure than us, is it possible that they follow some human customs too? Say for instance, do they name their kids? Do they have a democracy? Do they have social gatherings? These questions kept my thoughts busy and here i am with my new post.

I think the society of the honey bees is a communist one! I have my reasons for it. There is one queen bee who has the reigns with her, but treats all her subjects equally without discrimination. All the workers and drones are happy to work for the queen and are satisfied with whatever little they get in lieu of their labour. The signs of an ideal communist nation. Plus every drone has the equal right to bed the queen which is unthinkable of in any state but a socialist one.

Do bees vote for the queen? No! It is like Monarchy.  The queen bee decides who her heir apparent would be. She is nurtured well and taken care off by the workers. This complicates my earlier hypothesis of a communist society. I came up with a brilliant solution. Communism leads to autocracy. We all know about Russia, China and Bengal. So i need not shed more light. DO i?

The most intriguing question and interesting too, that perturbed me was whether these bees showed human traits like naming the offspring, engaging in social gatherings et cetra. I let my imagination run wild and tried to visualise a queen bee mating with a drone and shouting in ecstasy or a doctor bee telling the queen “push queen push” (i must say this was a bit far fetched because bees lay eggs) or did bees have homosexual males? Do bees go to schools? How do they identify each other? Questions were many, answers few.

I have decided to read more on the topic and when i get some answers i will definitely share them with you.

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  1. stop mixing poor insects with politics…..Please!!!!!!


  2. O_o huh???? where did politics come in? i was trying to understand the social structure O_O


  3. After reading this article, i’ve got one movie recco for you named “Queen Margot”… … “push queen push” will make you laugh then!! haha.. engaging write once again. Cheers.


  4. have u watched “bee movie”? watch it. u will like it. it was rubbish. however, y get into rabindranath=ram chhagol kinda controversy. although…it was expected from u.


  5. LoL! Latter half of the post looks lewd, what were u fantasizing about? On serious note, yes it is idealistic society, however humans would be able to live like that only if we live all our ambitions, and do things as assigned.


  6. haha. i disagree with one thing though. in no societ does neone have d right to bed the queen whenever he likes. Not in bengal. I doubt it is so in china. funn thing that will be.
    (Queen giving lecture)… man jumps to front.

    …harder queen harder..

    second man jumps her.
    harder queen…
    can u gus stop f–ing me for one second. m tring 2 campaign here.


  7. hey hey…nice imagination with your own ideas about politics ha ha “i must say this was a bit far fetched because bees lay eggs” Tell me more when you write more on this bee line 🙂


  8. Thanx to all for liking what i wrote! i was sitting lazy and let my imagination run wild! 😀


  9. Hola,
    No estб seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.
    Have a nice day



  10. There are times that i dont read more than two lines but i think that your blog can be an exception. Bravo !


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