The "other" side of the story

Food tastes bland if there is no spice in it. Every relationship needs “spicing up” to avoid losing steam. A third party twist could just be appropriate to ignite the passion that is on theverge of fizzing out. If you are bored of the same old daal chawal at home, Biriyani at a restaurant in the weekends will definitely make the same old platter taste like nectar the day after.

So am i advocating infidelity? Not at all. You can engage in flings being completely true to your beau. In fact you can do this with his full knowledge (of course do not tell him all details or else the fun will be lost).

By flings i do not mean a serious emotional attachment. If you really love your partner you can never do that. But don’t you agree when you get to know someone new, you can actually realise how good your boyfriend is? (There is high chance the answer could be on the other side of affirmative, but it’s worth taking a chance after all).

Flirting, specially in the august presence of your partner could just ring the bells in his heart and the usual “jealousy” will creep in.  Hence he will try to woo you “back”. Love will flow in the veins and the heavens will be witness to a surge of passion unseen hitherto. So what are you aiting for? If you want to spice up your dying love life, just DO IT.

(Although referred to as boyfriends, for all the straight guys, you can read it as girlfriend too).

P.S. You really think this was a serious post on relationships? Think again! Why risk your love by trying something as utopian as building a home in the Proxima Centauri galaxy? You love him/her. Just Speak it out. If (s)he has ears to hear and a heart to care, (s)he will revert back! Enjoy!!!

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Relationship Guru! 😛 …


  2. hahaha….wonder what inspired u 4 this write up….Man What I’ve Learnt it, Cherish the union as long as it works for u. As Rudra Often says Every Relation Comes With Its Expiry Date. Enjoy D Company n Move On When U Lose The Company, Our Corporate Sector is Full Of Companies. 😛


  3. Lol Lol…u r preaching treading in dangerous water.. what if u realize how dumb ur bf is? 😛 Remember how saif stole sumone’s gf in Dil Chahta Hai.. or Aamir in 3 idiots.. 😛
    What if the spice burns up your “tongue” 😉 😛 and stop using my quote “rings bell” next time i will sue you 😛


  4. Someone Knows How To Make Think And Make Laugh. Simultaneously. Guess Who Is Aforementioned Someone ? 😛


  5. Huh. Wrong Guess. You Get Gobar Gas Mask For This Guess. 😐


  6. Well, I am just thinking if I should have added a line or two about another ‘point’ of you in my post, but my post was only about Twitter dwellings. 😉

    And by the way, you were saying my choice of words were great, look at yours, quite a treat.


  7. haha .. though none f this advice looks sensible to me .. or even needed, i love reading about it 😉 thank you for sharing !!


  8. Rofl! I hope everyone reads your disclaimer at end or this comment of mine, if anyone ends up following your advice 😉 they shall suffer a burnt of life time! :p


  9. Hmmm….. i guess love is an oxymoron and romantic relationships are offspring of it. Not a single theory or perspective claims a complete truth, everything offers partial truths(or lies).
    Personally, i ll try a flirtious moment with someone in the presence of my partner but otherwise i am too lame to go for any one. I m too much monogomous 🙂
    But it was an interesting perspective Aagan, keep sharing and advising 🙂


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