My story

“Let me die in your arms,

Let me lay down beside you”

John Denver…..

“Hriday amar prokash holo Ananto akashe”

Chitta Pipahsito hey

Bleeding heart

the bottle of ink spilled over

Silence on page one fills the last page


A chilly winter morning sunset

Yearn for your hug


Kadale tumi more, bhalobashari chhole….

Antaheen akashe dana mele urche

moner bhabnaguli

In anguish, in love, in denial

End of a chapter

The book appears unread

My story of my life

thus remains unsaid…….

Amar kothati furalo, note gachhti muralo

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

Posted on December 4, 2010, in poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. the journey of life is amazing…its full of surprises…the more i live…the more i want to live….sadness romanticizes mee thus filling my heart with creativity….

    loved reading you post like always… keep writing bro


  2. till life lives,
    there is hope still,
    some day some time
    the book shall be picked
    and read till the end..
    and salute your writing 🙂


  3. Very well-written.. I like the the way u have interspersed Bangla and English words.. !! Khub bhalo 🙂


  4. Fascinating…. the way you mixed both the languages… loved it!


  5. Tucked away in our subconscious is an idyllic vision.
    We are traveling by train, out the windows,
    we drink in the passing scenes of children
    waving at a crossing,
    cattle grazing on a distant hillside,
    row upon, row of corn and wheat,
    flatlands and valleys,
    mountains and rolling hillsides
    and city skylines.

    But uppermost in our minds is the final destination.
    On a certain day, we will pull into the station.
    Bands will be playing and flags waving.
    Once we get there, our dreams will come true
    and the pieces of our lives
    will fit together like a completed jigsaw puzzle.
    Restlessly we pace the aisles,
    damning the minutes – waiting,
    waiting, waiting for the station.

    Life is not a journey, but the station..

    Note gaach ta muray na.. kotha gulo furay na..
    shudhu ekta notun baNk niye, abar notun kore haNte shuru kore…


  6. Lovely mixing of Bengali. Read or don’t read – life is interesting book. Keep reading bro.


  7. Strange isn’t it, how in the darker shades of our mind’s hues lies so much detail? easy to miss it, easy to misread it, and easier still to overlook. Great you did not overlook those tones of the earthly temperatures.

    The greys of the unsaid, the ashen browns of the unfulfilled, the blacks of the unwanted, all of it. The interspersion of the tongue so sweet, with the tongue that is quite businesslike was a delightful mixture of hues again, that there is still light in the Beige of introspection.

    Overall, a very colourful journey thus far.


  8. I Think, I have commented enuf during our personal discussion, notin much to add. Those 2 things which I told U, I believe will make sure that this story too will be read by chosen ones.


  9. This reminds me of Kora Kagaz song of Guru Dutt! 🙂


  10. Nice Poem. Though it doesn’t tell much about ur life in particular, i mean not many details. Sorry, I have a habbit of finding things to criticize.


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