Looking Back…

Films. Thousand words spoken in one canvas. A medium to say the unspoken words. Discover a new world, scale new heights of artistic excellence. Although i claim to be no cynosure, i have a taste for good films. Ans so i always share with my readers and followers (on twitter) my experience of movie viewing.

Looking back at the past one year, i can say this has not been an extraordinary year for cine goers. Same old masala potboilers reigning in the box office while good films hiding in oblivion, 2010 did give us some gems. I pick my five favourite films of the year in this post.


Winner of the national award for best bengali feature film, this film by my favorite director revealed Ananya Chatterjee in a new avatar. Undoubtedly a masterpiece of storytelling, the background score flows with each frame. A dialogue from the film itself defines the film in entirety. ” What is a film all about…… Moments”…..


This epic by Christopher Nolan will go down in history as the film which changed the definition of cinema. The human mind, is so simple in its complexity, and Nolan delves into the alleys of the untrodden avenues with such ease. A dream can surely change lives. I am sure the idea of the film was not planted into his mind by someone else.

The Japanese Wife

Rarely does a filmmaker get my undivided attention for the whole length of the film. Rarely does a filmmaker weave a chain of images flowing like a river in front of your eyes. Visually stunning and poetry in motion, this adaptation of a short story by Kunal Basu deserves to be preserved for generations to come to appreciate honest and selfless love for cinema. Pious and unassuming, the story of simpletons strikes a chord with you effortlessly.


Surprising revelation towards the end of the year, unexpected entrant in this list. Honestly, i had n plans of watching his film initially but thanks to Sukhi i did. Watching this film was a catharsis for me. The film boasts of beautiful performances, beautiful cinematography and a story that comes straight from the heart.

The fifth slot i choose to leave vacant for Arekti Premer Golpo which has already bagged its share of accolades at various film festivals but is yet to release in India (its just a wait of two weeks now). Acting debut for Rituparno Ghosh and another film from Kaushik Ganguly’s kitty, the film will surely be a memorable treat for my mind (and if it fails to please me, a new post will grace your computer screens on 24th December 2010).

However, i wish to add here that there were other films too which did not fail to mesmerise me. But were not as good as the films placed in the league of Best of 2010. Autograph, Social Network, Ishqiya, Peepli Live could have been much better had they been able to break the mold.

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  1. Lovely post! …since i myself love cinema, i can relate to this post… keep writing on the topic.


  2. Interestingly, this list contains all the film’s i should have watched, but did no for I missed someone more, for watching such gems one needs gem of a company. 🙂


  3. Oh, I can just know the gems pointed out by my friend and did not have a chance to watch any of them. I think one gem (guzarish) is within my reach… I’ll watch it. Keep posting on this subject. We have a man to identify the pure gems.


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