Respected Home Minister,

You must receive letters from all quarters of the country day in and day out and my letter must not be something out of the ordinary for you. But the stature of the office you hold, and the charisma of the persona you emanate in your presences in the visual media give me reason that my letter will not go unnoticed.

Coming from a humble background, a small town located in the unknown locales of an eastern state, it never occurred to me that i can write letters to people occupying positions of power. But then, this is India where people have the right to expression and information.

A week or two ago you had rightfully sent a letter to the chief minister of my state, West Bengal, expressing grave concerns over the declining state of law and order in this province. I was thrilled, i must add, excited at the prospect of the Government of India finally taking interest in the affairs of a state it had for three decades overlooked. We, the people of Bengal (Bongs we like to call ourselves) have for decades dreamt of a life of dignity, sans violence, politics of bloodbath and vengeance. Once the cradle of thinkers and the learned, this fertile soil turned into a grave of rotten grains with time. But we never lost hope. Bengal we knew would prosper and reclaim the respect she had once sought in the sea of nations. However, what befell us were dark hours of servitude. We all are aware of it and history better not be repeated in words, it makes a boring read.

In the recent past, the people of Bengal gave your party and your ally the mandate to rid us of the dirt we were forced into. People put faith in you thinking with the discretionary powers of the Centre, you could reign in a government with renewed zeal, now that your ex allies were no more members of the house. Your party (and definitely your ally) have disappointed us.

Power corrupts, we all know that. Human nature is such. Hence it was but natural that the Marxist communist party of India would leave no stone unturned to make the transition of power a smooth ride. Loss of life and political struggle was expected. But on such a grand scale? Every day the morning newspaper brings us news of some innocent life lost in some part of this state because of tussle between political parties. We have been witness to how even members of the legislative party were hounded out of MangalKote by mob of trouble makers. The Almighty knows how many silent sufferers bear the brunt of the ambitions of the Khadi clad murderers.

When 14 innocent lives were sacrificed four years ago in Nandigram, the then Union minister for Home Affairs was bound by coalition compulsions. Your government had given clean chit to the government with a mild rebuke. Morality finds no place in politics, i am told by many well wishers who disprove of my wish to join politics. I want you to disprove them by assuming high moral ground, the leader of your party is an epitome of.

Sir, the souls of the butchered in Netai ask for action. Governor M K Narayan emphasised time for reports was over and it was time for action. Under the pretence of Maoist siege, a party has been for years using the state run machinery (and i daresay the central forces) to their advantage to rid themselves of dissenting voices. The custodians of the poor are on holocaust mode.

I salute your locus standi on the law and order situation of my state. The use of the word Harmad brought you criticism from several quarters, but the departed, the victims of the killing machine called CPI-M definitely support you. Only if the Indian Judicial System allowed posthumous witness!

Sir, i do not have papers or facts to support my reasoning. I am simply moved and shocked at the sheer indifference of the political system to loss of human lives. Being in a position of power, you have more resources at hand to put an end to this ongoing blood bath.  You are indeed a good lawyer and an erudite speaker, with full knowledge of the Indian Constitution. Sir do you find no reason to dissolve the present West Bengal Assembly? Is there no way central forces can act independently of the state administration so that they do not get involved in the killing of innocent lives in the name of hunt for Naxals? Since this killing spree has started with an eye on the polls scheduled for May, can the elections not be brought forward to spare us of the horrors of a failed government trying desperately to cling to power by eliminating the cause of its imminent ouster – the voter itself!

I know you can.

Agnivo Niyogi

(My identity is of least importance, i am a resident of West Bengal).

About Agnivo Niyogi

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Hope this reaches right eyes.


  2. I second what Aditya said. This is unfortunate so needs to be addressed ASAP. 😐


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