The Man for All Seasons

Kantho amar ruddho aajike, Baanshi Sangeet Hara

The last time i felt so numb and speechless after hearing about someone’s death, it was Suchitra Mitra. Strange is the virtual world. A person i never met passed on to the eternal abode and it brought tears in my eyes. Abhijit Da as we fondly call him, was a man par excellence. Twitter where we met and interacted was his “karma”bhoomi. A father figure who was always ready with an advice for those who needed it, witty as well as seriously humorous, this man probably could not have made anyone sad ever. Indebted to this fellow Libran for giving my blog a recognition in the India Today and inspiring me always to write on.

“Deputy Editor, India Today magazine,Launch Editor of Calcutta Times of ToI, Bollywood addict”

His twitter bio can but give an insight into what a man he was. Always hated the word “old”, that was Abhijit Da. Of late having cut down on my tweeting tendencies, i would often log in to read my timeline, and find Abhijit Da’s random conversations with @ikaveri et al, my face would light up. Master of puns, politically incorrect and someone who lived the word FUN, Abhijit Da will be seriously missed by his followers.

Nibheche Tabo bati

Udashi hawaye ure jete jete dur deshe

Jhora pata bole gelo kane kane

“Tobu Mone Rekho, Ami je Gaan Geyechilem”

R.I.P. Abhijit Dasgupta (7 October, 1960 – 22 January 2011)

Waiting for your book “Dying to Come Back”.

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Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, news addict, opinionated. Digital media enthusiast. Didi fanboi. Joy Bangla!

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  1. Strange is the virtual world. A person i never met passed on to the eternal abode and it brought tears in my ears.

    sigh !


  2. I am stunned, is this true! I cant believe it!


  3. ……….. shocked is not the word. I was reading him just yesterday.


  4. Yes, Shocking indeed. I had very small no. of conversations with him but his tweets were, as many say on twitter, #EPIC. He will be missed. 😦


  5. May his Soul rest in Peace ….one of best personality on twitter who always gave most of us inspirations :. He will be remembered always


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