Rang De Basanti

As the full moon made way for the mighty sun, Ayush turned on his bed. The siren of the cuckoo roared into his ears. Sleepily he turned the watch only to realise he was late. Nothing unusual, however, today he could not afford to lose the opportunity. As the thought struck him, he rushed out of the bed and stepped into the bathroom.

Cloudy skies greeted him as Ayush stepped out of his house. The wind whispered words of courage into his ears, the rays of the sun embraced him to wish all the best.  Unconfident steps matured into bold moves, adrenaline rushing through his veins, Ayush entered the college premises.

Nature’s attire would put a bride to shame today. Decorated in majestic yellow, smiling in the radiant sun, dazzling in the pretty dew drops, she looked like a girl looking with trepidation at the watch, bidding her time, waiting for the call to the “Mandap”. Mesmerised Ayush adored the Gulmohar for quite some time. The dhak beats brought him back to life. Also the magical voice taking his name, ” Kire okhane ki korchis, mandap e aaye”. He obliged. Sayak was draped in a yellow kurta. They say Krishna had a fetish for the colour yellow. Had he been reincarnated for his Meera?

The Goddess of Knowledge seated on her pedestal atop the swan, smiled at Ayush as he entered the Mandap. The glitter in her eyes was hard to miss. She was waiting in anticipation to witness the climax of the events she had set rolling an year ago……

” It was also Saraswati Pujo that day. Ayush was drenched in the rain and just managed to enter the mandap when his heart skipped a beat. That morning when he woke up, he was in half minds about coming to college. But his heart brought him here, divine intervention. The writer of this story is unsure if Saraswati also managed the ministry of matchmaking in the heavenly council of gods, but she was indeed playing a game of love today. Ayush was in love, and he knew it. A boy dressed in yellow was standing in front of him. “Debopam” he told himself. Divine. Standing next to him, Ayush felt a warmth in his mind, hitherto unknown to him. Sayak introduced himself. Thus began a friendship. WItnessed and blessed By Devi Bhagawati.”

Jaya Jaya Devi, Charachar Saare

Kucho Jogo Shobhito Muktahare

Bina Ranjita, Pustak Haste

Bhagwati, Bharati, Bidyang Devi Namastute……

Flowers were raining all around, Devi was smiling, urging him to take the leap. In the haze of the smoke, Ayush held Sayak’s hand. Nudged him to come out of the Mandap towards the canteen. The lane was empty, no one would bother them during Pushpanjali. Sayak was perplexed. Even before he knew, Ayush’s lips were on his, asking him for approval. Sayak’s lips kissed him back. In unison, they heralded spring. The raindrops greeted them, heavens drenched them in flowers!

The deity clad in yellow was smiling beyond reckoning.

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  1. A quiet and quaint love story. A love story is a love story is a love story. But you do need a proof reader.


  2. beautiful and romantic… u shud definitely start looking for a publisher..


  3. gross. by d way সরস্বতী পুজো পঞ্চমীতে হয়, প্রতিপদে নয়।


  4. basanti is not saraswati either


  5. you made me walk down the memory lane…the essence of nostalgia made my eyes wet…i had never gone on a date on the sarawati pujo…i was in a long distance relationship and never had the opportunity to go out on secret dates often…but this day wud be special for me…when i would find starry eyed love birds walk hand in hand and my lonely heart wud long more…the longing is still there…another saraswati pujo had arrived and i still am alone looking at the wonders of the world with a lonely wet eyes….


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