Justice pronounced, Justice done?

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

9 years of courtroom drama, committees, investigations and reports, finally the great Indian Judiciary pronounced a verdict that validated the “Conspiracy” theory of Godhra Train carnage.

“Special Court judge P. R. Patel has convicted 31 accused while acquitting 63 others,” Public Prosecutor J. M. Panchal said after the verdict inside the Sabarmati jail.

Thirty one people were convicted for hatching the conspiracy to burn down the S6 coach of Sabarmati Express carrying mainly the Kar Sevaks returning from Ayodhya. Interestingly, 63 otehers including the “main accused” Maulana Umarji was acquitted.

As many as 253 witnesses were examined during the trial and over 1,500 documentary evidences were presented before the court by the Gujarat police.

There were a total of 134 accused in the case, out of which 14 were released due to lack of evidence, five were juvenile, five died during proceedings of over nine years, 16 are absconding, and trial was conducted against 94 accused.

Of the 94, against whom the trial was conducted 80 are in jail and 14 are out on bail.

Two different panels appointed to inquire into the 2002 case had given different views on the Godhra train burning incident.

The heinous crime of the conspirators should be punished with harshest sentence. But my heart goes out to the 63 who have been acquitted. They have lost nine precious years of their life due to an irresponsible behaviour of the administration. Can their dignity be restored? Can they return back to their normal lives with full honour? Should the government not “compensate” (not necessarily monetarily) them for the inconvenience caused to them?

I wish to sieze this opportunity to also raise the following questions and hope i get an answer

1. Is the validation of conspiracy theory a validation for “reaction” by Hindus in the riots that followed the Godhra incident? Will this verdict influence the verdict on many riot cases still pending?

2. Since the court reached the conclusion that Justice W C Bannerjee is not credible enough, should Lalu Yadav not be show caused by the courts? And what made the judges choose Nanavati report over Bannerjee?

3. Should the Government of Gujarat not apologise to or compensate the victims of state sponsored irresponsible arrests? Is this verdict in a sense not a reminder for the Government of Gujarat that they failed people in 2002? Infact in a National Daily today the victims of Godhra train carnage themselves claimed they felt used for political gains and then dumped.

4. Should this verdict be a closure and people should move on?

5. The last and most important question : Is justice delayed, justice denied???

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  1. my answer are
    1. No it should not be validation for reaction here states and union failed miserably they should be punished by court.No, why it will have effect with other riot cases
    2.Show cause notice should be given to union and railway ministry and not lalu prasad yadav since it was railway with union help who conducted enquirey
    3.I hope they do so but we did not find precedent like this till i think it will be better for the for those victimized file for compensation against government in court that will might help them.
    4.I think many people had already moved on very few thinks about it but i be wrong since i was not there people those will be right person to answer it.
    5.No wrong judgement given is justice denied but time factor is also important this case should have been completed in 3 years time but politics and politician had made the mockery of the case for there propaganda.


  2. Nice write up 🙂
    In this case its plain injustice but then this is Modi’s state, a state whose former home minister and the top brass of the police are languishing in prison on charges of criminal conspiracy and murder. Courts adjudicate on the basis of the information provided to it. Given the circumstances, the defence team cannot be expected to be highly capable while the prosecution may have intended to punish the accused themselves first and then wait for the Court’s decision (9 years is a long enough term for most NBW offenses)

    And lets not forget that it is the police (and by extension, the home ministry that investigate and make out the case against accused. And can a fair report be expected from them, now that we know that the minister and senior police officers were….


    • Yes.Justice delay.Even every justice in India are delayed.due to poor administration. I don’t feel this topic of any discussion. Ghodhra and Post Ghodhara..Even lots of incident happen in India..If i am talking about terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Mumbai train blast.. etc…all this topics are sad..All this incidents are full stop at human life. We all Indians compromising our life with poor administration of India. This is whole system is corrupted. If Mr. Sing our PM is highly educated and grate eyes on economic system. so what about corruption recently coming out through media to people. He itself not able to handle this corrupted system. It means we as a people are corrupted so how to manage this itself a question. My conclusion on this topic is we should shut up our mouth if we cannot change our self because if we not change our bad habits then god even not able to manage this corruption and dirty minds who enemy of human life.


  3. It’s the shame old story of justice delayed and justice denied…


  4. The longest delay was caused due to Supreme Court staying the investigations into the case for 5 years from from 2003 to 2008. Again in Jan 2011 Supreme Court had to decline blocking of the verdict which could have delayed it even further. Link: http://bit.ly/gW9lb9

    It’s an important issue as the establishment owes an explanation to the acquitted. However, IMO we must reserve opinions till the judgment is made public, till then it’s an avoidable speculation and flaming passions.


  5. If Modi is to blamed for Post Godhra and saffron is terror then 26/11,mumbai blasts,godhra train burning proves islam is a religion of peace.

    If Modi is to be blamed then why Indian National Congress is not to be blamed for ethnic cleansing of kashmiri pandits,sikh riots,emergancy and congress led muslims who burnt 27 Women + 10 Children + 22 Men = 59 Victims of Godhra Train Carnage Conspiracy,don’t they and their supporters have any shame left???


  6. 9 years in jail, there was not even bail, would have suffered like hell, police-pro-Hindu must have tortured heavily, as one of the acquitted person said, “Janat mil gayi!” have lived in hell & now I have got heaven.


  7. 1. No. Whether there was a conspiracy or not, it does not amount to any validation or justification for the carnage that followed. Also, this verdict is independent of the riots cases and legally, should have no effect on them.

    2. No. There is enough discretion with the Government (RM) in these matters. Only if one can prove deliberate mala fide intentions on the part of the RM can action be taken – which seems to be lacking in this case.

    3. True. But I think they will appeal instead.

    4. Yes.

    5. Definitely.


  8. I have had very strong opinions on this matter on the past. But offlate, I feel that our system just does not treat human life with respect. It feels as if they are not significant enough. But yes, you have made some very valid points here


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