MTV Roadies – the auditions get hotter

“What is your name?”


“Ok, so what’s your real name?”

Thus spoke the man whom i had fantacized for nearly a decade now. Ranvijay, the anchor of MTV Hero Honda Roadies has been mesmerising us for 8 years now. So, when i got this opportunity to cover Roadies Kolkata auditions (courtesy Blogadda), i grabbed it with all alacrity. One would be mad to not do so!

Roadies 9 - Way to America

Having spent a spectacular day meeting varied contestants, chattering away to glory with fellow bloggers and watching hopeful roadies get slaughtered and shine, i was really in a fix over how to put the unbelievable experience to words.

“What does Roadies mean to you” is the most common question asked to participants – had i been a contestant, my answer would have baffled them all. Roadies has always been about the cool dudes and hot guys, for me. A show that started when i was still in my teens, Roadies has been a medium of finding crushes for me all along. And, enjoying the privilege of watching the behind the scenes action of the auditions just took me a notch closer to crushes-in the-making.  🙂

Scenes from Swabhumi

From the registration desks to the auditorium inside Rang Manch, they swarmed the venue of Roadies auditions – some flaunting their musculature, some their talents while some busy making “fraands” – the auditions looked like Maddox Square on Ashtami Evening during Durga Pujo. Hither, dither in small groups, anxiety stricken faces, expectation in eyes and an indomitable spirit to conquer the “tasks”, it was difficult not to consider registering for the auditions after watching the thousands gather at Swabhumi.

Auditions is heating up

To add to the pleasures was the guy who was managing the stage and enthralling the crowds (someone told me his name was Abbas). His charming presence accentuated the intoxicating ambience. When he was joined by the R trio, happiness knew no bounds for me. Contended i was going around the venue taking lusty glances at a hottie here and a dude there, when i chanced upon a (closet) gay couple who had come down all the way from Bombay to audition. Before i could use the opportunity to befriend them, i was summoned to meet the men behind the show – Raghu, Rajiv and of course Ranvijay!

Dream come true

Contrary to their on screen image, The R brothers (as i love to call them) were very endearing – Raghu was the serious guy while Rajiv chirpy. Ranvijay, the cool dude, stole my heart away, yet again, with his pleasantries and genuine adulations. My day was made. If i asked God for something else, i am sure that wish too would come true.

This narrative would be incomplete if i do not mention Gayatri (from Viacom 18) who had been our coordinator. Always carrying a pleasant smile, she came to our rescue whenever we faltered. And definitely a word of praise for the crew and security – government forces need to learn a lesson on crowd control from these guys.

The venue et al

Despite a major goof up, i can proudly say i made most of the prospect that presented itself through Blogadda and i will sincerely be waiting for such experiences in future. Some memories are best cherished in the heart, the rest are captured in the memory card.

For more pictures of the madness at auditions click here.

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  1. Sounds like one of your dreams came true here as you are unsurprisingly excited. I love Roadies as a show, but your idolized ‘R’ trio never overcame the overpowering showoff of masculinity. As if they are insecure about themselves, Ranvijay is an exception though, they continue to overwhelm themselves at each moment. Perhaps, it’s their way and that’s how they like it, but that doesn’t give any notions for idolizing them. Anyway, it’s a free country and that’s your opinion as this is mine.


  2. Awesome written buddy… 😀 Even for me, the was like dream. I’m soon going to publish my post.


  3. I am happy that u enjoyed a lot while doing this stuff because such opportunities don’t come everyday .. One lesson i learned today >> never under estimate the power of social networking , blogging & internet , they can do wonders to you .. keep surprising us more in the future AgniVO !! 😉


  4. What kind of narrative is this? You didn’t write what you actually talked with Ranvijay.. or what adulations he showered on you.. or what gaffe you made? In what situation did Gayatri come to your rescue? Seems you just went to ogle at the guys there 😛 😛 Duh!!!


  5. Aditya/@TaiyouSun

    Eehhh! looks like in heat of watching cool dudes u forgot to cover the event! :p


  6. good one..and the sign off..just too good


  7. rodies i love u , rodies teams rocksssssssss ..


  8. Hey wait…
    Aren’t you a guy??
    If you are a guy, why were you fancying Men there?
    I am not being offensive, just confused…


  9. awesome dude iam soon going to publish this post……………………


  10. vikrant dhatwalia

    im d best rodies in d world


  11. Its Really good to see that we have so courageous buddies who have the guts to face roadies guru RAGHU. really a great. but be care full ha dudes . BEST OF LUCKS ROADIES.


  12. hello sir ,
    sir pls 1 chance chayia kafi lagbe same se Roadies me ane ki kosish kar raha hu ,
    par awaj laood nahi hai is liye rahe jata hoo pls sir ak chance chaiye and i know ki ap jo bhi task de ge apne dam se or jaan se janda hi karu ga taki mere ijat bani rahe or mera , apka or mere ghar walo ka sir ucha rahe sir plssssssssssssssss


  13. lov u ranvijay ………….


  14. i love u of my dream is 2 just meet u.


  15. my dream is to meet RAGHU SIR…..m fan of him…..& very eagrly waiting for dat moment…


  16. awesome mann!! loved it!!


  17. loved it…!!!


  18. i jus luv dis show more dan anyhtin… words cant express my luv for roadies.. n i luvvvvv Ranvijjay..hes d reason i watch roadies :P… luv u rannvijay…. hopefully we’l meet sumday… 🙂


  19. i jus luv dis show more dan anyhtin… words cant express my luv for roadies.. n i luvvvvv Ranvijjay..hes d reason i watch roadies 😛 … luv u rannvijay…. hopefully we’l meet sumday… 🙂


  20. i love and like this show beocz i love traveling in bike ..and i love rideing the bike ….am watching the roadise …and pray to jesus ….ki me bhi roadies me jana chata hu ….khun ki me apne dad or mom ke liye ek flat lena chata hu ……..ahmedabad me flat lena mere mom ka sapna hai ,,,,,or me usse pura karna chata hu …….is liye me roadise me jana chata hu …


  21. hiiiiiii raghu sir n rannvijay….. I want to be a roadie….. Sir i dont hv bike papa se bolunga to bolenge phle thoda study krle.. Mai roadies me isiliye aana chahta hu… Mai physically fit bhi hu.. N i love bike riding nd adventours….. Jst give me a one chance.


  22. Hello R O D I E S team u all are doing really good job. This show is not an ordinary reality show. For me this show is inspiration in my daily work, enthusiasm in my fun……and very imp it brings the integrity in my life style….Hey RUNVIJAY u r cool buddy…. 😀


  23. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    thanks 2 raghu & rajeev, dat they started this” faadu” show which is called as roadies. nd ranvijay u r d best rodies yet in rodies life. nd if u do not forgot i have met you at santacruze airport . we r doing an advertisement of jk tyres.


  24. Ur soolucky…congratulations on attending the auditions.. i will participate next year when i am 18 😛


  25. i attend the audition awesome experience and agni u have posted my photo i am on my gd seats that time. I got the chance to meet the baap of roadies and my luv bani


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