22se Srabon

Autograph, Srijit Mukherjee’s first film was a tribute to Satyajit Ray’s Nayak. Although not a brilliant film, it gave us a sneak peek into what Srijit is capable of. 22se Srabon establishes him as a director par excellence. Tribute the unsung poet found in almost every Bengali home, the film touted as a musical thriller, delves deep into the human psyche and shows us a dark facet of life, answers to which we seldom seek.

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Poetry is the crux of literature in any part of the world. It took Srijit Mukherjee to make poetry a character of the film – it spoke, played its part and in the end emerged as the real winner. Bengali literature will always be indebted to Srijit for 22se Srabon – this beautiful amalgamation of bengali cinema and bengali literature will go down the pages of history as a relic. To supplement the poetic screenplay, was the background score which accentuates your cinematic performance. The aalap when Parambrata enters Prasenjit’s house still haunts my ears.

We have known Gautam Ghosh before as an ace director who has won accolades all across the world, we have known him as a cinematography wizard who has given us films like Mr and Mrs Iyer. 22se Srabon gives us Gautam Ghosh, the actor, who almost everyone can relate to – the idealist poet, whose words the State refuses to hear, driving him to “insanity”. But was he really insane?

22se Srabon is his career best performance by Prasenjit. His opening scene took me back to “The Last Lear” – i had thought no one can match the persona of Big B ever. I was happily proven wrong. And proudly so, by an actor of the Bengali film industry. The arrogance, the indifference, the angst, and moreover the quite mind game playing in his eyes – Prasenjit gifted us a magical performance on his 50th birthday.  22se Srabon is what it is for the brilliant screen presence of the two actors – Gautam Ghosh and Prasenjit Chatterjee.

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Many films have been made from poetry. Sob Choritro Kalponik, Jara Brishtite Bhijechilo have been the most recent ones i can remember. But they failed to engage us into the words like 22se Srabon did. To even conceptualize murders which enliven couplets penned by stalwarts like Joy Goswami, Binoy Majumder, Shakti Chattopadhyay, Jibanananda Das, Michael Madhusudan or Sukanto, requires a great knowledge of their works.

This film also subtly gives us many messages in the one liners that the film is full of. The unabashed use of expletives (in the vernacular) can give the makers of Delhi Belly a run for their money. But that does not make you uncomfortable seated between two elderly ladies in the theatre. The characters are as real or normal as we are. We share their pain, relate to their grief. From the loss of your wife and child to the constant tangle between boyfriend and best friend, the subplots in the film just enrich the two and half hour long experience.

22se Srabon must be watched by all. For the love of bengali cinema, for the love of poetry, and above all to learn a lesson. We tend to ignore the dark domains of our psyche, and in doing so let it capture our existence to an extent of living death. And as one of the characters says “Dada ami bachte chai”, the message we all can take from 22se Srabon is to live life.

Eagerly waiting for Srijit’s next film.

My rating – 4/5 for 22se Srabon.

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  1. Wonderful read. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts…I’ll have to take solace in these reviews until there is a DVD release. Loved the expression, ‘It took Srijit Mukherjee to make poetry a character of the film – it spoke, played its part and in the end emerged as the real winner’; Sob Charitro Kalponik was a dampener of sorts in that respect. How ironic that poetry, something that evokes in one’s mind a sense of the aesthetic, has been blended so craftily into a ‘dark crime thriller’…speaks volumes on Srijit Mukherji’s cinematic skills!

    Oh…and good piece of trivia by the way…didn’t know Goutam Ghosh was the cinematographer for Mr. and Mrs. Iyer! 🙂 Thanks a lot!

    P.S. Did you watch Rang Milanti? Would love to read your take on that film too… 🙂


  2. The alaap that still haunt you is sung by Ustaad Rashid Khan ji… His soulful voice takes meee to a different world every time… Bengali cinema is certainly maturing… a great concept and story line…strong script… good cinematography and editing… its a complete package that I would want to watch again…not to forget Anupam proved himself again…


  3. @aazan: I like what I read here. My first tryst with a bangla (a language I dont speak, but understand, and would really love to learn) movie was when I had recently watched the movie autograph (with a really great company) and loved every bit of it. I am not (yet) the kind of guy that can do with remembering names of all actors (real or on screen) and I mostly refer to them by what I remember about their parts. I personally liked the part played by Amritya Sen’s daughter the best. Followed by those of “that couple” that is friends with the “protagonist couple”.

    Now.. I am a BIG fan of Amitabh Bachchan when he picks up good movies. I hope you do realize what big expectation you instill in me when you compare Prosnejit (yay.. I remember an actor name now :p) with Mr Bachchan. Looking forward to see this movie. And I have a feeling I would love it even if it is half as good as you make it sound.


  4. Your movie reviews are always a FTW!


  5. This movie is a contemporary masterpiece..if this film was made in Hollywood or Britain it would have definitely received academy awards,golden globes or BAFTAs..it feels good to see that finally the bengali film industry has made a psychological thriller almost at par with the silence of the lambs….prosenjits mesmerizing performance is the best by any indian actor i’ve ever watched…infact its almost comparable to Johnny Depp..


  6. i liked the screenplay of the movie and of course the wonderful acting of Prosenjit, Gautam Ghosh and Porom..overall the feel is very international with our rich bengali literature..i want to know the title of the poetry by Tagore which is recited by Prosenjit before his suicide..kindly help me..


  7. Your review reflects the work of the director and actors very well. However, you have missed out on mentioning the intense suspense in the storyline which make it stand apart from run-of-the-mill suspense movies. The suspense is so overpowering in this movie that the expletives in the script fall in place and the audience accepts it truly a part of the personae and not just for the sake of a few cheap laughs.





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