Get Dirty with Vidya Balan

Gone are the days when innocence and piety could make you the most desired. This is the season of getting dirty! Shed your inhibitions, keep your dogmas at bay, exercise your right to free thought and indulge in this blissful celebration of female sexuality.

India is a nation with its feet in the twenty first century but its mind is still in the middle ages. Sex is a still a taboo word, a concept which is dirty and better kept under the wraps of satin inside the bedroom. People of this country find it hard to distinguish between sex and sexuality. And when one breaks away from the norms, (s)he has to bear the brunt of being the rotten fish.

In our society, women enjoy all the freedom as long as their male counterparts will. How much we tend to deny it and claim to be progressive, we are never comfortable with the idea of a liberated woman. Her desire, specially those that are carnal, are majorly scuttled by their male partners. Any woman trying to live on her own terms is described a slut, a pariah for the society.

The Dirty Picture

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With a pseudo liberated society in place, in 2011, how difficult must it have been for Silk Smitha to carve out a niche of her own and reign over the masses back in the ’70s! Failed in love, betrayed by her own, exploited by the industry, for her desire to be famous, to become an actor and the desire to be successful.

The Dirty Picture is a celebration of femininity which is much wrongly portrayed as titillating sensuality and vulgar display of physical assets. Vidya Balan gets into the sleeves of the character of Silk (only except her accent which flawlessly educated for a small village girl). Outstandingly ravishing, the comfort that oozes out of Vidya’s demeanor on screen mesmerises the audience in me. A powerhouse of talent that she is, one is forced to forgive the lackadaisical male cast  members. What earned Tusshar Kapoor a role in this film is not a mystery to me, given her sister is a producer of this film. Emraan Hashmi has less scenes than Tusshar, and thank God for that, to prove that he cannot act. Naseeruddin Shah proves to be the saving grace.

Dirty Picture is audaciously aesthetic, seductively serene, piously pompous yet ecstatically earthen. The tonal quality of the film is appealing. Background score accentuates your cinematic satiation. Ignoring the slowering of pace in the second half, blotched up efforts to speed up the climax and a few melodramatic sequences (like the Award Acceptance Speech by Silk) the film proves to be worth the prices of tickets. And behold, it is not a senseless masala potboiler. Neither is Dirty Picture preachy. With a better male cast and a good screenplay writer, Dirty Picture could well become India’s answer to Hours or A Single Man.

My rating – 3.5/5

Watch it for Vidya Balan.

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  1. Agree to most of what you have written in this post… To add to that I expected Vidya, playing Slik, to have two different personalities – on-screen seducing actor and Reshma in her personal life. I always felt she was the same woman on-screen and off-screen.

    Vidya is a personal favorite since Parineeta days. She proved her abilities yet another time.


  2. Glad such movies are making news for themselves! Enough of hypocritical puritanism on Bollywood’s behalf.


  3. an excellent review. i look forward to watching it


  4. what a review.. now i am dying to watch the movie 😀


  5. Haven’t seen the movie, but beautifully written as always!

    “The Dirty Picture is a celebration of femininity which is much wrongly portrayed as titillating sensuality and vulgar display of physical assets.”

    Spot on! People in our country still believe that they have to dictate how women should live, and that too according to their whims. We are no forward than some other repressive regimes. Also, sadly, the movie will be branded as “vulgar” by our hypocritical “society”. Hope sense will prevail someday on all these chauvinists! In the meantime, this movie is a great step towards abolishing puritanism, as Shakti said.


  6. In just two words, “spot on review.” Kudos to Shah and Balan. Hope the movie gets the recognition it deserves.


  7. Seen the movie..
    good movie..not excellent..
    It is Malena without melancholia..
    Vidya Balan unleashes her Draupati especially in
    Award speech in the movie..which was my favorite..(dunno why blogger thought that was too dramatic)
    It is like Draupati’s thundering indictments of highly respected men assembled in
    Kuru palace ..after Vastra Haran..


    • Imagine something like that happening at Filmfare awards. Would everyone be sitting awestruck? And all of a sudden the journalist gets up and starts speaking. Everyone is silent, no activity on stage. That was overtly melodramatic!


  8. Excellent review. Thanks for showing the unknown side of movie Aagan.


  9. Aditya/@TaiyouSun

    All said and done, at end of everything, unlike a dailogue from movie says, people not only in 1st 2 rows, but even behind are going to go and wan to see of some Vidya’s skin.


  10. Great read,i am usually not that into bollywood movies,but have to be honest this review is brilliant,so tempted to watch the movie now!!


  11. Hey Agni thanks for the review. In fact I was looking forward to go for the movie but I was a bit skeptical about taking my girlfriend along. Now that you have seen the movie and took the pain to write down the review so can you tell me whether it is a good idea to go with her.


  12. good one on dirty. 🙂 rightly said about the melodramatic scene. yes, after reading your review my thoughts also went like that, a better male cast would have been better. good vidyabalan has done well. Missed to tell about the dialogue aspect of the film?


  13. Have yet to see the film but another review I read on sunday inspired me to write a post too! Check out


  14. one of the best reviews i have read for any movie during these recent times . I guess from now on i will stop reading t2 (telegraph) reviews .. Good job 🙂


  15. Movie was good but Director should have shown the end because it does not inspire the people at the end it say ultimately no matter how much u want to change u cant do it ur a loser u cant fight and u ultimately die commit a suicide and now after watching the movie who will dare to take such step when director portrait ultimately u will be the loser


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