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Marriages are made in heaven. They say, in India, a marriage does not involve union of two individuals but two families. But what if the families are from two different cultural backgrounds? Can a Punjabi and Tamilian family coexist? You bet they can.

Two Fates begins where Chetan Bhagat’s Two States ends: a cross-cultural marriage. Life is not a “happily ever after” story always. Deepika and Rishab are the “model couple”.  From colleagues at office to relatives at home, everyone swears by their love story. But all is not quiet on their bedroom front. After two years of companionship, Deepika and Rishab want a divorce.

If getting married against family’s wishes is tough, getting divorced is tougher! Specially when your in-laws behave like long lost siblings at Kumbh Mela and your inner voice titillates you to guilt. Judy Balan weaves a hilarious tale of a love-lorn couple who are desperate to separate. From the first page itself the story grips you. As you turn the pages, the incredulous evens in the lives of the protagonists sink you in to the plot.

Two Fates has every masala of a Bollywood potboiler – Old Wives Club, The rich businessman in London, Swallowing mothballs, A Bachelor’s party gone horribly wrong, Family dinner at Mainland China, the spiritual Guru who quotes Disney, Wedding at Oberoi which is put off in the last minute – you name  it, and find it in the book. The oh-so-romantic climax at India Gate reminded me of the climax of “Anything For you Madam” at Chennai’s Marina Beach.

The whole novel is filled with snippets of brilliance. The one liners strike you in the face so hard that you cannot stop laughing out loud, literally.  From the quintessential Reshu Periamma to the rich NRI Twinky, the characters fill up the pages with dollops of fun. The bedroom encounters, and the “sweet” exchanges between Deeps and Rish are too “sizzling” to handle.  The description of office or Deepika’s brilliant reaction after getting fired at work, just add to the excitement.

Two Fates appeals to you because it can be anyone’s story! The small little nothings that fill our lives, sometimes in oblivion, make existence so beautiful. We just need to “find the answers”. At times in life, we are all faced with situations which we would rather not handle. Escaping them using the shortcut seems most probable then. But when we listen to our “inner voice”; we are led to the right path.  Life is just a choice between the Prince and the Frog. When we make our choice, life becomes a smooth ride.

As Rishab puts it, this book is not for the “starched cotton saree “clad Literature connoisseurs who discuss Shakespeare over tea. Two Fates is for those who like to read for the fun of it. And mind you, fun is oozing between the covers in this side-splitting, mirthful tale of a young couple who get divorced.

My Rating – 3/5

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  1. wow… your review was too good. why don’t you send me the book to read now 😛


  2. nyc! bollywood in a book me likes 🙂


  3. seems interesting, would have to search for it.


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