My “Wake Up” Moment

I was watching Wake Up Sid the other day on TV and thought of writing this post. Everyone has been through that situation in life, towards the end of college, when (s)he was clueless about the question “What Next?”. The Gods have been merciful that i had company in my class, who did not let me feel left out in being completely lost!

But my post is not about the “Lost” part. Rather, i wish to share with my readers, how i met my Konkona Sen Sharma. It was quite amusing to come across a tweet recently, “My life is just like Wake Up Sid, minus Konkona Sen Sharma”. At times, in solemn solitude, i ponder, how my life would be if i had not met him…… Sukhdeep Singh…… the man who made me discover what i was best at and what a misfit i was in the course i was pursuing.

It was my Fourth Semester of M.Sc. in Biochemistry. The month was February. I was logged on to a gay dating site, trying my luck at finding “my dream man”. My inbox buzzed, with alacrity i opened the message – a look at the headline prompted me to sigh, it was an advert. Something inside me urged me to read on. It was a link to an online magazine for gays, published from Kolkata. Gaylaxy was the name…….

Was it coincidence? Just the other day, i had written an article on homosexuality, and intended to publish it on my blog. And the sender of this message had added a “P.S.” regarding need for writers. I replied showing interest. Soon came the reply. Sukhdeep asked me to send an article for a guest column. Within a day after i sent it, he asked me to become a full time writer for Gaylaxy.

First Issue


An apparently small event. But this marked a beginning of my yearning to become a full time writer. Not that i did not have the scientific acumen, or found it distasteful, but i never felt pursuing science exhilarating. Science was mundane and kept pushing me to an abyss, i never knew when i had resigned myself to pursuing Biochemistry for the sake of it.

Sukhdeep breathed in a new momentum to the dying spirit (my friends from MSc and BSc days might recollect my “misadventures” of the 3rd Semester). Not only did we have a professional relationship, but a camaraderie developed offline which blossomed into just more than simple friendship……….

The three Magi from the east were guided to Jesus Christ by the Star. Each one of us are like the Magi, in pursuit of our own destinies; following, knowingly or unknowingly, our Guiding Star. No matter how many sandstorms we encounter in the desert of life, the star will keep showing us the way.

Thank You Sukhi for being my star. And a very happy second birthday to Gaylaxy.



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  1. Aditya/@TaiyouSun

    WoW! Someday I wish to get a similar massage asking me to write fiction! Sigh! There r too many writers writing that stuff!


  2. I must be really lucky that you took the pain to reply back. And you had said that you would like to write on Onir, but instead sent me a “Biology of Homosexuality” and me being a Bio fan, was fulttoo impressed 😉

    You are the diamond, I just helped you know your true worth. ANd i can’t imagine how I would have carried forward Gaylaxy without you. Muuaaahh


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