A Bong Guide To Surviving The Summer


Kolkata entered record books yesterday. Although not totally unanticipated, it came as a rude shocker to all residents of City of Joy. The mercury soared past the 40 mark, for the third time in the last decade, much to the chagrin of the people who inhabit this city. Stepping out of the home would be akin to registering on Yama’s waiting list. A moment spent away from the A.C. means you will be found swimming in a pool of sweat, and every waking moment spent without drinking water dehydrates one to the limit of unconsciousness. Naturally, a respite, the Bong way, is what we all clamour for.

Beat The Heat – Stay Indoors:

Now that is not a good solution, is it? But guess what? It works. Try spending as much time you can indoors – be it at home or in office. And what is the sprawling food court of South City for? Give the rocks a miss and shift your adda to cooler venues. And dare you venture out, do not forget to cover yourself in the armour of body lotions and sun screams! My my. I sound like the typical Bong Mother.

Timing is the Key to Success

Confused? Don’t Be! Try to schedule your journeys at times when the sun is resting. Reaching the office early and leaving late would not harm your productivity. The walks at Rabindra Sarovar can take summer vacations. Instead try visiting your doctor regularly. Viral fever can attack any time!

The good old Thakumar Jhuli

juiceWe cannot do without our good old “totka-tatki” can we? Traditions that have been passed on through generations, at least some of them, will never kiss the brinks of extinction. Long live Nun chini jol (water with equal amounts of salt and sugar) and lebur rosh (sweet lime juice). Beware! Not all lebu jol wallah on roadsides are genuine. Drink at your risk. Better if you make it at home! If you have a bel (custard apple) gach at home, nothing like it!!! Nothing is better than beler sorbot.

Akhire Akher Rosh

Akher rosh or Ganne ka juice as we call it in English, is always a respite. A cool glass of sugarcane syrup not only cools you but rejuvenates your drooping spirits. Same goes for daab (coconut). Try it. And if you think it burns a hole in your pocket, just water could do the trick too….

The king of fruits – Aam

Mango for the mango man. Yep. Not the pulpy ripe ones. The unripe mangoes make for great aam pora shorbot (close resemblance to mango panna). Fruits are a great source of nutrition. And if you want to avoid the fat, just drink juices! It helps. Try mixing fruits to normal diet – like dudh-ruti-kola-aam-makha (mixture of milk-roti-mango-banana), sabudana-aam-makha (sabudana-mango), dudh-chire-aam-makha (milk-puffed-rice-mango) and so on…

Say No To Junk Food

junk foodGulps. Yes you heard it right. It is me who is saying this. Bid adieu to chicken roll, phuchka, moghlai and kobirajis – specially those made at roadside stalls (double gulps). Least oil = better chance of surviving summers without heart burn.

Last But Not The Least

Bathe at least thrice a day, use lots of deodorants and change your clothings (if you know what i mean) regularly. We live in a society you see….. 😉

And if you survive the summers after following these suggestions, do come back and like this post and spread the word 😀

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  1. just what we need for summer 🙂


  2. Agnivo… you forgot to mention a trip to Paramount… and enjoy green mango iced lassi


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