Why I Like The Twilight Series of Movies

Twilight SagaMere mention of the name “Twilight” elicits snide remarks from people, as if it is an unwritten rule to dislike the series of four novels centered around a human girl and a vampire. I am a sucker for candy-floss, mushy romance and fell in love with Edward-Bella from page 1 of the series. However, when it comes to adaptation of a novel on screen, most directors disappoint the reader in me (best example in this case would be the Harry Potter series; miserable portrayal of Rowling’s magical world, to say the least). But Twilight series breathes life into the characters you read on the pages of the books. Breaking Dawn Part II is thus a befitting culmination of the epic tale of love.

Although the screenplay moves at a lightning speed, and some of the characters have nothing much to do except smile or express their anger, the film does full justice to the mesmerising climax penned by Stephanie Meyer. One cannot withhold a tear welling up at the corner of the eyes when Auro beheads Carlisle and Seth is killed or suppress the grin and lust as jacob undresses before Charlie. The first one hour of the movie just breezes by, before you realise what happened, the Volturi are at the doorstep of the Cullens. Jacob’s relationship with Renesme leaves scope for portrayal. The obsession an wolf would feel upon imprinting, was missing from Jacob’s cool-dude attitude.

Robert Pattinson always looks uber-hot, as if the character of Edward was written for him. Specially in that scene when the Volturi face the Cullens and their allies and he is protecting little Renesme – his attitude defines hotness. On the contrary, Bella’s transformation from being human to vampire and adapting to the lifestyle is like blink-and-you-miss. Edward’s playfulness with “new-born” Bella was worth an experience.

Literature and cinema are two different media of expression, and seldom to they cross roads. Life of Pi is a movie that surpasses the written narrative with its stunningly spectacular visual art. Breaking Dawn, on the other hand brings to life the characters you have enjoyed reading about. Failing at parts, the film still manages to create a niche in your heart. And THAT is all that matters.

My Rating – 2.5/5 🙂

Disclaimer – All pictures used in this post have their respective copyrights.

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