Hawa Bodol OST – A Breath of Fresh Air

Music ReviewIt was a mere accident a few days ago when i bumped into Parambrata Chatterjee’s tweet promoting the jukebox of the songs from his latest directorial venture Hawa Bodol. Having watched the trailer earlier, and knowing that the film comprises a Rabindrasangeet sung by one of my favourite singers, i immediately clicked on the link. And boy oh boy, i was not disappointed.

In an earlier blog post, i had written that the previous decade had seen the rebirth of Bengali film music, thanks to Jeet Ganguly among other composers. Indradeep Dasgupta has surely taken the legacy forward with some mind blowing compositions for Hawa Bodol. He has already left an example of his acumen with the mesmerising tracks of Jani Dekha Hawbe. Hawa Bodol simply announces that Indradeep has arrived.

Hawa Bodol, when translated, means winds of change. Doing full justice to the name of the film, the OST of the film is like a breath of fresh air from the monotonous remakes or loose copies of South Indian or Hindi film songs. The composer has achieved a no-mean-feat in Hawa Bodol by bringing together Vishal Dadhlani, Mohan Kannan (of Agnee band) and Suidhi Chouhan, and made them sing in near flawless Bangla; their polished pronunciation could put even some “tyansh” Bongs into a bout of inferiority complex. Arijit Singh is no surprise – his talent was well expressed in 2012, with his songs in Barfi and Bojhena Se Bojhena. Hawa Bodol is an icing on the cake for Arjit fans. However, the cherry on the cake in the album is undoubtedly “Mor Bhabonare” sung by Sahana Bajpeyi.

The OST:

1. Ghore Ferar Gaan : Nostalgic lyrics, disco-feel, and Vishal Dadlani’s voice – the combination is magical. Anybody living away from Kolkata would surely get the drift, the longing to return to the nest.

2. Din Khon Mapa Ache : The song reminded me immensely of “Thik Thakis” from Jani Dekha Hawbe. Casual lyrics, Almost “unplugged” rendition by Arijit, and the touch of simplicity – a perfect mix of emotions.

3. Mor Bhabonare (Duet) : The only disappointment in the whole album. Apparently Sahana and Saptarshi’s portions weren’t mixed well and the song appeared extremely forced. Saptarshi’s pronunciations defy the bard’s original ideas and come across as ear-sore.

4. Bhoy Dekhas Na Please : Sunidhi’s Bangla accent is amazing. Had she sung the high-scale portions with little less effort, and at a lower pitch, the song could have been a marvel. However, it is at par with Shreya’s Roopkatha from Aparajita Tumi.

5. Mone Porle : The song remains etched in your memory for two reasons – the soft jazz and Arijit’s haunting voice.

6. Bhoy Dekhas Na (Agnee) : Mohan Kannan is a rockstar. His amazing vocals in the higher octaves breath life into the words and you can actually visualise a full-moon night, and feel the pain of waiting for your loved one. Sung in a typical Agnee style, the song steals your heart.

7. Mor Bhabonare (Female) : Ever since i heard her songs on Youtube, i had been a big fan of her. She sings Rabindranath’s songs the way it should be – experiment with the music, but keep the tune and words intact. The beats of madol in the background of Sahana’s catchy voice just send you into trance.

8. Mor Bhabonare (Male) : Sapatarshi does much better than the duet and does justice in his own way to the bard’s words.

9. Bhoy Dekhas Na (Male) : Arijit steals the show again. The unplugged version of Sunidhi’s song is as enchanting as the female version. The words hit you where they should and make a strong impact in your heart.

All in all, Hawa Bodol is a cult album in Bangla film music history, after Antaheen. Here’s wishing to hear more melodies from Indradeep Dasgupta in the future.

My rating : 4/5.

You can listen to the songs here

Disclaimer : All videos/images used in this post have their own copyrights.

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  1. anindyasengupta2013

    Your blog on this film is quite good.. but I also like the duet simple because of the very apparent difference in tone of the 2 singers.. The female voice seems enticing while the male voice being a bit on the soothing side


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