Book Review – Smart Phones, Dumb People by Parthajeet Sarma

Book ReviewI was travelling in a bus when i first got the mail from Yatin, asking me if i was interested in reviewing the book. Although my hands were quite full at that instant, i said yes, mainly because the title appealed to me. We live in an era of smart phones; gadgets have taken over our lives, and we are solely dependent on these machines to perform even the simplest of tasks (like calculating individual share while splitting a bill at the restaurant; earlier i would rely on my mental maths skills for the same). It is indeed not surprising that smartphones, or gadgets in general, have kick-started a degenerative evolution in humans, a scientific study regarding the same would be a delightful read. With the same expectation i said yes to Yatin. Although i had to wait a month to lay my hands on the book, the experience was quite disheartening, to say the least.

While the title of the book prompted me into thinking that the book is about how technology has taken over our lives and turned us into “dumb” people, only the initial few chapters cited a few examples in this regard. The author has mostly explained throughout the book, how technology can be put to use for the good of humankind, and the vast areas of technological advancements that still lie uncovered. The book is a short “Dummy Guide” for budding social entrepreneurs; it boosts your zeal towards working for the society and bringing the change you wish to see.

For a reader like me, who is not even remotely inclined to become an entrepreneur, it was a painstakingly sluggish read. While i appreciate the author’s innovative ideas and fresh approach towards technology, as a reader i felt i was reading a text meant for business schools. More like a collection of blog posts, the book does not offer any insight to this “dumb” reader, how “smart” phones can actually make a difference.

My friends in start-ups or B-schools can give this book a shot.

My Rating – 2/5 stars

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  1. What I learned form the book was… That technology is a boon if it is used properly, however lack of proper mindset for utilizing is the main problem. We Indians are good in knowledge gathering. But still we dont use it in right way for society.
    By the way I loved your review. This was the second book I had ever read. The first one was Beaten by Bhagath by S V Divvakar. I would love to read your review on the same. This book is about harsh realities of publishing houses.


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