Book Review: Horseshoe Garage

Horseshoe Garage ReviewYou know the time when you start a book with absolutely no expectations and then you end up liking it so much that it blows your mind away? That’s exactly what happened with me for Horseshoe Garage. It was an amazing and unique read with a new concept. I really enjoyed it with its quirky characters.

‘Horseshoe Garage,’ by Hitesha Deshpande plots around dreams, car racing, love, underdogs and the achievers. It has all the tamasha of a Bollywood pot boiler, worthy of being adapted on celluloid by Dharma or Yashraj productions.

Horseshoe Garage is the story of Sav. He has always dreamed of making a car for Neo racing. He’s always loved the smell of burnt tyre and technologically advanced cars. So when Neo racing comes to India, Sav signs up for it. Then there is Naaz. She is a mechanic and basically a genius where is comes to any kinds of cars. She is one of the strongest female characters I have ever come across.

This is the story of human triumph, love, friendship, betrayal, passion. It is pacy, in sync with the times, not at all monotonous and speaks the language that any ordinary person on the street can relate to.

The author knows her cars well and even though I’m not a big car fanatic, she got me interested in all its dynamics. You can actually feel the thrill of racing in Horseshoe Garage. It was exhilarating. True, it has those few cliches, it has twists too many. But you will hardly notice them for the characters are so real, yet so unlike anything you would ever come across.

Overall, a fun read when you are travelling, or bored at home without internet. Thank you Leadstart Publishing for the book.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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