Book Review: A Salesman’s Lessons

A Salesman's Lessons ReviewWriting from personal experience as well as scientific and historical deductions, Jena paints an authentic and holistic picture of salesmanship. The book does not contain jargons and is worded lucidly for all to understand; the lessons it contains are serious. If you are expecting a ‘How to become a salesman for Dummies’ you will be disappointed. You can gain experience and knowledge from the author, but the practicality has come from you.

The book is divided into 27 chapters (a bit too many?) and deals with issues, author’s own experiences and ultimately shares gyan. To be very honest, I would not have read this book had Leadstart Publishing not sent me a copy of it. This book is meant for those in the industry – in the sales industry to be specific – although the author thinks otherwise.

There is no formula for success. Experience, decisions and choices make or break a person – specially in sales. One who is successful, becomes an example worth emulating for others. To that effect, this book will come in handy for budding salesmen. However, there is a constant need to improvise and invent, that would lead to true success.

About the book: What is the ground reality for a Salesman? Do the various laws, theories, hypotheses, anecdotes and sayings of science, mathematics, literature, engineering, management, history in fact, everything that we painstakingly read and absorb in order to gain our college degrees before we start working, equip us for field situations when we actually go into the all too real world of Sales? Can we really use the academic learning we struggled with and paid so much for, to sell better? Are there certain factors (which do not appear in the pages of any college or business school text), that are crucial to success in Sales? In an engaging narrative based on his own 15 years in the field, the Author explores the answers to just these questions.

About the author: C. R. Jena is the Business Head of Mahindra Satyam for Africa based in South Africa. He has written another book, 22 Things you should know about Indian IT delving into the growth of the sector in India, which received acclaim from the IT industry. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur after which he completed his Masters from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. He worked in the IT industry in the sales department around the World for 14 years before becoming Business Head of Africa for Mahindra Satyam.

My Rating: 2.5/5

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