Book Review: The Himalayan Revelation

The Himalayan Revelation Book ReviewHistorical fictions are always gripping and fun to read. So, when i was presented with the offer to review ‘The Himalayan Revelation’ by Pankaj Mishra, I was happily eager to do it. It takes great deal of courage to weave a thriller around facts, and past incidents; a minor slip somewhere can upset the whole equation.

What I liked in the book was the past and present are linked well. The language used by the author is also quite lucid, free flowing. You have maps and images in the book, wherever required, and are quite simple and relate to the text before that. The research done for writing this novel is stupendous and it shows in the book well. The characters are well-sketched and the plot is quite gripping with the twists and turns.

However, the author could have restricted the romantic angle in the story, which often came as a digression. Even the length of the novel was quite voluminous, compared to ‘normal’ thrillers. Sometimes, one feels he is reading a history textbook and not a thriller.

Overall, i would suggest The Himalayan Revelation as a rapid reader on a long-distance train ride. Thank you The Tales Pensieve for the review copy.

About the author: Pankaj Misra is an engineer by education, and a technologist by profession. He loves to travel and explore new places. This book, his first novel, is inspired by the everlasting impressions that Leh and Hampi, two of those places he has visited, has left on him.

About the book: A gripping tale of mystery, adventure, romance and international intrigue.

Today Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But around 450 years back, this capital of the magnificent Vijayanagar Empire was brutally plundered and devastated. But before it happened, its masters hid a secret. Centuries later, a young couple chance upon an object that holds a secret much more than Hampi had hidden, in a place 2000 miles far north of Hampi – the Himalayas.
The Himalayas have something to tell and when they do – two nations become so desperate to get it that they are ready to go to any lengths, even global annihilation. What happens next is thrill laced fast paced adventure.

Read the book to find out more….

My rating: 3/5 stars

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  1. Sounds like something I might like.


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